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To the non-religious: Is Islam worse than Christianity?

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User Info: omnichaos

7 months ago#51
Catholicism has much, much more in common with other types of Christian mythology than it does with Roman mythology. But I get the sense that I'm being trolled because few people here seem capable of intellectual honesty. And that's because they know they can't defend their guilt-plagued point of view. Islam is clearly worse than Christianity.

User Info: OrangeWizard

7 months ago#52
"I am right, and everyone who disagrees with me is intellectually dishonest and flawed as a person!"

User Info: Maverick3000

7 months ago#53
omnichaos posted...
My bad, but bringing up Chechnya doesn't make Islam/Muslims look any better.

... That wasn't the point. The point is that Chechnya is probably the single worst place for LGBT people but your metric doesn't show it because it ignores de facto and extrajudicial oppression which is actually the most common form. It was a critique on the style of your argument (which countries are gays executed), not your stance.

Once again, read my actual post.

Do you really think that Catholic Latin America is a more dangerous place for gays than the Islamic Middle East?

Once again: Latin America has had the largest amount of anti-LGBT killings than any other region in the world for a while now. You are most likely to get killed there for being gay then killed in the Middle East. This has been a well known fact for decades. The reason why the laws have become more LGBT-friendly was a top-down attempt to clamp down on the hate crimes there. Being openly gay in many areas is a death sentence.

Also another Latin American funfact: Honor killings is also a huge problem there, though they are called "crimes of passion". I don't think people realize how bad it is in some areas of Latin America.
we're not all geniuses like you Maverick. >_> - AWrulez

User Info: omnichaos

7 months ago#54
Yes you're right, capital punishment is not the only metric. People are also more likely to be openly gay in Latin America than in the Islamic world. They have gay pride parades in Latin America. And what Islamic region is the entirety of Latin America being compared to? Forgive me if I'm not taking your word for it.

User Info: BetaSquadron

7 months ago#55
No it's not worse. Anyone saying it's worse is deeply biased.

It's like a British person in the 1800s saying Hinduism is worse than Christianity. They're so blind and poisoned by their societal bias, their judgment is worthless.

User Info: omnichaos

7 months ago#56
Thank you for that contribution of nothing, Beta.

User Info: Taitao

7 months ago#57
So the Indians in India don't have the highest casualties in the world estimated at 800 million innocent lives taken by muslims? Yeah...So much for bias.

User Info: omnichaos

7 months ago#58
History/genocide doesn't exist before British colonialism.

User Info: ManLink4321

7 months ago#59
omnichaos posted...
Thank you for that contribution of nothing, Beta.

Beta was (and still is) known for not contributing anything of value to this board.
The Hero of Hyrule.
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