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To the non-religious: Is Islam worse than Christianity?

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User Info: Lord_Ichmael

7 months ago#1
This topic splits my ultra-left-wing political beliefs and anti-organized religion beliefs apart. On one hand, there's the liberals calling for tolerance for all beliefs and to not consider all Muslims bad because of the actions of a few, which I mostly agree with. On the other, new atheists and other atheists are glad to join in on Islam-bashing and saying it's bad for people, which I also mostly agree with.

I ultimately find myself in the middle: I think Islam is a little bit worse than Christianity on average because it calls for forming governments under Islam and thus makes oppression and discrimination by Muslims more likely. But I also think that Islam itself can't be fully to blame for that, because those countries are developing/3rd world, Muslims living in first world countries are relatively tolerant, and African Christian countries aren't much better than Islamic countries. But my knowledge of Islam is fairly poor so I don't know for sure. What do my fellow non-religious posters believe? I suppose Christians and Muslims could post too, but I'd take those with a grain of salt due to inherent bias.

User Info: dhalsimrocks

7 months ago#2
In a way, yes, but not inherently. Seems to me like religions grow and mature over time kinda like how people do.

I've always thought of Judaism and Hindu as the old guy who minds his own business and doesn't give anybody grief. He's too old and has been through too much to give a s*** any more. It's even part of his philosophy now.

Christianity is the young adult who just got out of college and is learning to deal with the rest of the world and generally getting on well with people who think differently, despite occasional disagreements.

Islam is the kid just getting into college and finding out they really aren't the badass they thought they were a year ago and is coming to terms with the fact that not everyone else is going to live by their ideas.

Though in less tongue-in-cheek tone, I do think it has a lot to do with how developed the countries are that host the religion. Most of the Muslims I've spoken to (from the US and England) speak of their beliefs as happy, peaceful and rewarding as Christians do, and have spoken of radical Islam the same way Christians speak of Westboro Baptists. They live in developed countries, so their lives are good enough that they can focus on the positive aspects of their beliefs and not have to worry about conquering and destroying enemies.
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User Info: Al-Uzza

7 months ago#3
It's worse, unless you are talking about the Assassins or the Janissaries who followed heresies of heresies. Granted they have modern counterparts but they are few in number.

User Info: Hustle Kong

Hustle Kong
7 months ago#4
Shooting Game never die.
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User Info: kozlo100

7 months ago#5
What HK said.
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User Info: Moorish_Idol

7 months ago#6
Yes. By far.

</disqualified because not non-religious>
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User Info: simondrake

7 months ago#7
Yes by a long long way.
The institution of Christianity has a lot to answer for but the two religions just aren't on the same scale.
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User Info: Dagorha

7 months ago#8
What HK said
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User Info: Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow
7 months ago#9
I refuse to have a positive view of any belief that has a problem with pork.
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User Info: Lord_Ichmael

7 months ago#10
Moorish_Idol posted...
Yes. By far.

</disqualified because not non-religious>

I don't think deism counts. That's just theism. I worded it that way for a reason...
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