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User Info: Lord_Ichmael

3 years ago#1
Let's see if we can bring ourselves to say good things about religious beliefs other than our own. I'll start.

-Religion does have a useful function in bringing people together and giving a sense of community.

-Keeping their religion to themselves instead of trying to enforce it on everyone is nice.

-I like (non-right-wing) Christianity's concern for the poor. Welfare, church support, things like that. It's nice.
-The Golden Rule is a good rule.

-I'm not positive on this, but I've heard that support for social programs is pretty high in Islamic countries. That's good.
-At least in the past they were more tolerant of other beliefs than Christians were. I don't think that's really the case anymore.

-Meditation is an amazing thing. It nearly single-handedly fixed my insomnia problems, although I still have trouble here and there. I know this isn't Buddhist-exclusive, but it's the style I learned and I think what most people think of when they think about meditation.
-Their relative tolerance for scientific advancement is pretty cool too.

Now it's your turn! Let's see if Polish or Flash can say something good about Islam or atheism, or if Valnor or thedeparted can bring themselves to say one positive thing about any religion.

I can probably come up with others later too.

User Info: darkmaian23

3 years ago#2
I'm having some trouble finding something good to say about religions in general. Most of the people I know who are obviously positively affected by it were good people to begin with. The community service you cite is something I think can be provided just as easily in a secular venue.

The only Jews I've known were of a liberal bent. I appreciated their tolerance for others and their dedication to preserving Jewish history and customs.

I know of several churches that focus on God's love, being joyful, and helping others. As an atheist, I don't agree with their theology, but I do like that they help people in tangible ways and counterbalance some of the very negative Christian churches out there.

I'm not very familiar with Islam and I have never personally known any Muslims. However, the Arab world was at one time very intellectual and contributed strongly to mathematics and science. I respect that portion of the religion's history very strongly.

I agree that meditation can be an excellent practice.

I appreciate how open they can be to other spiritual traditions as well as the diversity it already contains.

User Info: FlashOfLight

3 years ago#3
Judaism - Tries to preserve the nuclear family, support each other in their own community, extremely well disciplined, hardworking individuals, respects the aged community

Islam - Monotheistic, recognizes pagan idolatry, supports the family unit, teaches charity, works toward a daily fellowship with God, prayer is held up, don't dress their women shamefully

Buddhism - Nurtures peace and non-violence, is against materialism, recognizes carnal vices, has a good understanding of suffering being as important to life and at times necessary

Atheism - Is right in that they reject idols as being real, tries to stay away from superstition and rejects both bad luck and good luck, tries to have an awareness of history as to what led to modern beliefs, doesn't believe in magic, doesn't believe in paranormal creatures

That's just the short stuff I'll add, at least for now, all of those things can be expounded on in a positive light, but they can also be further talked about in light of the Bible, but I won't do so other than mentioning it, for the sake of the topic.
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User Info: Moorish_Idol

3 years ago#4
I'll just do a few for now:

Offer so many means of practice that practically anyone can find a niche that feels right for them; Lots of cool deities (well... technically one deity with many expressions, but still); Their scriptures contain some of the most beautiful prose found in any religion; Generally very pro-environment

Jehovah's Witnesses:
See the command to not be of the world as meaning to be politically neutral vs. other Christians who take it as permission to impose their beliefs through politics; Don't support wars; Generally know about what scripture says more than other denominations from my experience

Promote health through good mental practices as being just as important as good physical practices; Promote self-discovery as opposed to being told; Generally peaceful and accepting

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User Info: Eastsideslinger

3 years ago#5
In General:
Ultimately, religion is just a another type of philosopical system to help people explain and cope with the nature of the world and the eventuality that we'll all pass away at some point. I'm not overly fond of dogmatism or ritual but obviously it has it's place to enforce it's teachings on those who practice it.

I live in an area that has a lot of practicing jews of various flavors. Mostly my contact has only ever been with older folks but they seem to fall 50/50 in both the liberal and conservative pools of thought. I can't really critique on much more than that I suppose until I get to know my sisters boyfriend who is jewish (and from the looks of things he might become her fiancee soon enough) it will be interesting non the least.

I believe the political involvement of Christianity into politics is poison to the religion on the whole. Obviously i can't expect people to separate their personal morals from their political thoughts but the fact that you have organizations trying to push God into politics, in my opinion, is meant only to serve those individuals monetarily rather than spiritually.

On the whole, I believe that the religion and the people who follow it have been painted as scapegoats in much the same way Japanese people and people who liked the idea of Communism. I don't deny that there are terrible people who do terrible things in the name of said religion but I can't bring myself to take anyone seriously who try to point at the language in the Quran and then dismiss similar sounding language in the bible. not only that, Islam itself is much like Chrisanity where there are numerous beliefs in the faith or ignoring how Islam is intergrated into the local beliefs of particular areas and how that affects people perception/practice of it.

At the end of it, It's funny and sad all at the same time that these three religions came out of the same region and how vehemently they deny each other. That and Atheism is not a religion but if you insist on call it such than I would like to invite you to a meeting with the local Athars, we're gearing up for a picnic and deicide of a lesser diety in the next few weeks.
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User Info: CoyoteTheGreat

3 years ago#6
The best thing you can say about Judaism is the Jewish people. Ironically, the worst thing you can say about Christianity is often times Christians =P
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User Info: SSj4Wingzero

3 years ago#7
I'll try my hand at this.

Atheism: Atheism does not contain any inherent ideologies, since it is, at least according to most atheists, simply a lack of belief in any deities. Thus, I have little good or bad to say about atheism in its purest form, because atheism, in its purest form, does not actually do anything, nor can anything really be attributed to it. After all, how can a "lack" of belief actually drive you to do something, other than deny the existence of something, which is, in and of itself, merely the holding of a perspective that neither helps nor harms anyone? However, I believe the driving force behind many peoples' atheism is rationalism, and rationalism is a good thing. We can and should try to explain why things are occurring. While rationalism is not mutually exclusive to atheists (and there are many, many irrational atheists out there), it's still a good thing, and probably drives the perspective of most atheists.

Buddhism: I don't know much about Buddhism as a whole, but certain Buddhist sects, such as the Tzu Chi sect of Taiwan, despite some controversies they have run into, are very serious about charity work and doing good things. It's to the point where they have a team at practically every single natural disaster that occurs anywhere in the world.

Islam: I can't speak much for the religion as a whole, as I don't know much about it. But the overwhelming majority of Muslims I know usually keep to themselves and mind their own business. I've got nothing good or bad to say about them, which is a really good thing, because Western society (and all parts of it) like to throw dirt at Islam for no good reason whatsoever.

Judaism: Nutty conspiracy folks aside...I live in a neighborhood that is predominately Jewish, and I get the feeling that most of them really don't care about politics or, honestly, anybody else's business. This goes for both secular Jews and those who are more observant.

Mormonism: They take missions seriously. I admire that. Regardless of whether or not I agree with what they teach, they work hard to share it with others, and that's an admirable trait. From what I know, their missionary work also consists of a lot of charity work, and that's also admirable.

Catholics and Mainline Protestants: I'm going to group these two together since I have the same opinion of both of them. I don't know too many Catholics or mainline Protestants who are observant, but of the ones who are, they generally have much greater scriptural knowledge than the evangelical, politically-conservative Protestants who have come to make up the most dominant voice in American Christianity. It also helps that the three most significant fantasy universes of all time - Middle-Earth, Narnia, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, were created by rather devout Catholics and mainline believers who were able to create amazing worlds which were just a bunch of Biblical verses and parables in disguise.
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User Info: YHWH_Saves

3 years ago#8
Ichmael, gotta say it - your posts as of late are quite refreshing.

That being said:

- Buddhism - departure from the material world and its attachments; humility; harmony with nature

- Judaism - strong reverence for the "Father" God; Hebrew philosophy is amazing

- Islam - modesty of dress; awareness that the world has gone wrong and the desire to "right" it (although I obviously disagree with its current methods)

- Atheism - skepticism is a great tool for finding truth; can come up with difficult questions that lead to my personal study, which in turn leads to a stronger faith
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User Info: darklao

3 years ago#9
Some religions: Commonalities with my religion/common sense things I accept, qualifiers

Other religions: Commonalities with my religion/common sense things I accept, qualifiers

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User Info: bratt100

3 years ago#10
Christianity: The big bang and the amazing contribution to the arts.

Islam: Science and mathematics bros.

Buddhism: Don't be a dick.

Scientology: That south park episode.

Mormonism: Belladonna.
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