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Found this on Reddit (Heaven as Hell)

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User Info: Julian_Caesar

5 years ago#131
From: dkcprje | #114
We don't have churches.

I don't go into a church and complain about all the Christians circlejerking.

Are you trying to draw an analogy between me calling out atheists on an Internet message board and you busting up in a privately owned religious building? Those are very different situations. And I'm not sure why you keep bringing up "Christians," because this discussion applies only to the Christians that post on this board, and my observation that they do the intellectual circlejerk far less often than the atheists who post here. If you disagree with that observation, then explain. Otherwise, don't use generalizations to offer conclusions about a defined group (theist OR atheist).

From: Faust_8 | #118
That's in terms of politics. The majority of pro lifers, or at least the most vocal, are conservative Republicans who try to ban abortion but then are also against any "hand-out" policies that help the poor.

So it's literally "you have to take care of that baby!" and then "too poor to take care of that baby? Too bad!"

A difference of definition, then. Fair enough. I don't want to get into welfare and personal responsibility in this topic; I just want to point out that most Republicans don't actually hate babies like you think they do. They do have different definitions than you of who should be held responsible for the well-being of those babies.

You keep on assuming the wrong intention--you say we gang up just to stroke our egos but it's really just because it's the case that it's one wrong person who has a few people independently correcting him.

Only if the incorrect person plugs his ears and goes "lalalalala" do we act anything like a group, because then we're no longer just correcting a mistake but dealing with a stubborn kid.

I can absolutely remember specific instances where multiple atheists have congratulated each other for "winning" a topic. Also, reading between the lines is helpful; you don't have to say things out loud to say them, even when typing.

And I never said this was a common or regular occurrence, either. Just that it has definitely happened, and I can't recall theists doing the same thing.

I, for one, am simply the kind of person that tries to correct most mistakes I say. I value accuracy. I'm either doing that, pointing out flaws so that people learn, or I'm debating to hear different points of view. I'm not on this board to prove that I'm smarter because frankly I don't think I am, or at least I don't think I'm better at debating than most people.

I think you're just suffering from self-serving bias.

It's easy to say nice things when your associated group is getting called out for being not-nice. I don't doubt you have good intentions for posting on this site. But you can't speak for all the atheists on this board, nor can you speak for every post you've made (since we are all human). And especially so since you've decided to resort to ad hominem, when you can't get me to back down on what I said.
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