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The Vaticans Pact with Islam.

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User Info: OzymandiasIV

6 years ago#21

From: GuideToTheDark | Posted: 10/5/2011 10:52:25 AM | #020
Well if you were a murderer, would you want people calling you a murderer? It would probably make your murdering harder to get away with.

But would you also announce it to important world leaders?
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User Info: Guide

6 years ago#22
But would you also announce it to important world leaders?

Dunno, I'm not a terrorist.
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User Info: NsM Comatosis

NsM Comatosis
6 years ago#23
Maybe if the Muslim world's reaction to being told that they behave like a bunch of children wasn't "let's prove them right", this wouldn't be an issue.

This x the number of Muslims who throw a complete ****-fit every time their religion is even remotely slighted. <_<
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User Info: ElderMisanthropy

6 years ago#24
Trouble in the Middle East!? This is shocking. Though, I'm sure they'll be back on their feet in a few months. Good, level-headed people.
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User Info: Maverick3000

6 years ago#25

From: Dbzmaniax | #014
Regarding the numbers, that is definitely fear-mongering and it doesn't mention the reason (or timeframe) for the decline except in the case of Iraq where in mentions that 500,000 have been fled or been killed.

This actually. From what I understand, Syrian Christians don't have much problems with discrimination (Syria is secular) and most of the decline can be attributed to socioeconomics (Arab Christians generally tend to be middle class, and thus have lower population). They also have a tendecy to flee the minute something bad happens (religious related or not) since they have easier time to immigrate and have the funds to do so.

Coming to Lebanon, it makes no mention of the numbers decreasing but Lebanon is probably the most liberal Arab country and by no means are Christians persecuted (the president of the country. The Lebanese president is, by law, required to be a Maronite Christian (prime minister to be Sunni, president of National Assembly to be Shia, etc) - the position is currently held by Michel Suleiman.

It is well known that Lebanese expatriates far outnumber those living inside Lebanon (I think it's something like 3 or 4:1) with most expatriates being Christian. The fact is, many Christians (as well as a good number of Muslims) have chosen to leave the country but there are still many villages and towns which are Christian populated. Heck, Christians probably makes up well over 30% of the population.

The Christian population in Lebanon is probably smaller than 30%, but the Christian population there was shrinking long before the Civil War started due to demographics.

It is also important to note that Christians in Lebanon are not exactly innocent bystanders. The conflict started because the Christian population refused to change the political/economic situation that greatly put them at an advantege. The civil war is mostly a secular one (Each side is trying to get political/economic gains for each) not religious. While there are places where being Christian is a bad idea, the same is true for Druze, Sunnis, Shiites or any follower of a specific ideology.
we're not all geniuses like you Maverick. >_> - AWrulez
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