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Dream Interpretation

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User Info: the_hedonist

7 years ago#1
So I had a friend tell me that you cannot invent a face in a dream. Even if you think you dreamt of a stranger, you have seen them before apparently. I googled this, trying to find out a little bit more (I was particularly interested in how they found this out). So I came across an amusing website for dream interpretation.

Here's an interesting quote:

"To see a stranger in a dream whom you do not know represents Jesus or the Holy Spirit, counselor, teacher, especially if the man is wearing white, red, blue, purple or green clothing and seems vague in appearance and his features are hard to make out, or if the man is to the left or the right or is standing slightly behind you or at a distance, yet is a comforting presence to you."

My favorite part is bolded. So basically the stranger has a 90% chance of being Jesus or the Holy Spirit? I mean...they knocked out most of the color scheme there, and if he's not to your left or to your right or behind you or in front of you, where is he gonna be?

Anyways, do you personally find meaning in your dreams?
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User Info: LinkFanatic

7 years ago#2
Anyways, do you personally find meaning in your dreams?

No. I honestly think some people put entirely too much stock into something that's entirely meaningless.

Although, that's not to say I don't think one can't necessarily glean something beneficial from their dreams. That's entirely different from it having some sort of abstract meaning, however.
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User Info: OzymandiasIV

7 years ago#3
This is all my opinion. Dreaming, for the most part, means nothing. It's just the brain given freedom to roam about at night when you have no control over it. I do think our dreams can be influenced by things we have been dwelling on a lot. Like if you're thinking about something a lot, that thought or image sort of gets burned into your mind, and you're more likely to dream about it. At most, I think dreams can really only tell you what's been on your mind a lot, and even then, I don't think it happens particularly all that often.
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User Info: TheRealJiraiya

7 years ago#4
Most of my dreams are very strange, but oddly peaceful.

There have been times where Ive had a dream that caused me to reflect on something all of the following day, however.
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User Info: Silviiro

7 years ago#5
Dreaming is very important to me, but I don't believe in dream interpretation. There are dream signs but they note things within the dream and are unique to each person. For example darkness in my dreams usually signals that I'm not fully in control of the dream. Dreams often do use faces you recognize for important characters whether stable characters or not. They are often caricatures of the people they belong to, though sometimes they can be completely different.

One interesting note is that while I have met dream forms of Jesus and Satan, and can presumably summon them though I've never had the urge to try, I have been unable to summon or meet a dream form of God.
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User Info: WhereDidItGo

7 years ago#6
I don't find much meaning in my dreams since they are usually weird and can always be linked back to something I saw or was thinking about recently.

The part you quoted about a stranger being Jesus is rather funny though. If that's the case, a few nights ago me and Jesus broke into an abandoned Lowe's to get broom handles so we could help the military fight off giant geese who were destroying the city.
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User Info: mercuryink

7 years ago#7
I think it's perfectly possible to "invent" a face in a dream. Dreams are our brains making sense of flashes of memory, random synaptic firings, because humans are story-centric creatures. A memory of a pair of eyes and a memory of Patricia Quinn's lips from the opening of RHPS will have a very good chance to produce a face with both elements.
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User Info: sthater

7 years ago#8
IIRC the current hypothesis with dreaming is that it's your brain's way of organizing and selectively pruning your memories and it's funny there's some dreams I've had where that makes total sense and other times I don't get that at all but either way I don't put too much stock in that.

Ah damn you beat me to it merc ;)
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User Info: Silviiro

7 years ago#9
My dreams almost always follow a sensible storyline. But then I'm a natural lucid dreamer. A dream character taught me about lucid dreaming, another taught me the concept of dream control, and almost every bit of control I've learned was from either being told by a dream character or figuring it out myself.
"I have offended God and mankind because my work didn't reach the quality it should have." -- Leonardo da Vinci

User Info: mercuryink

7 years ago#10
A dream taught you how to dream? That's (1) so meta, and (2) frighteningly similar to a plot line from my first novel.
Some people are proof that G-d exists; evolution would have prevented them.
New Jersey Devils -- Stanley Cup Champions -- 1995-2000-2003
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