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Any atheists here hide/lie about their disbelief?

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User Info: thaer_dude

7 years ago#21
sergio343 posted...
Firstly, I don't want my family to know about my disbelief in God. They are deeply religious and I KNOW that it would hurt them, especially my mother, and in my opinion, it is simply not worth the trouble. Also, it's not like we talk about it very often, or when they do talk about it I just stay silent. .

Pretty much this. I still live with my (Muslim) family, and it is much better for their life and mine if I pretend I'm still like them (not that there's much to it). It would be extremely foolish to take the other option.

However, I don't hesitate to say that I'm an atheist to anyone other than family/family friends if the topic comes up; not that it happens very often.
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User Info: Winnsock

7 years ago#22
I tend not to talk about it with most people, if it's someone who I feel can handle it then I will say it. Problem is I live in Oklahoma so it is an instant negative label when most people hear I am an atheist.
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User Info: KNessJM

7 years ago#23
I don't hide it at all, but I don't need everyone I know to be aware about it. I plainly describe my beliefs to anyone when the subject arises, but it's not like I go around advertising it for no reason. Er...except maybe when I wear certain band shirts. But that's secondary.

As an atheist it should in theory be easy to go along with any religious belief, it isn't as though you have to fear angering the FSM.

As far as "playing along" with religions go, it isn't a matter of it being difficult, it's a matter of it being unpleasant and potentially offensive.
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User Info: mystic belmont

mystic belmont
7 years ago#24
I hide it from most people. Only my close friends and immediate family know.

I had to, in front of a religion class, tell of my beliefs. I was scared to do so, because these were people I did not know and could not guess what their reaction would be.
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User Info: X__Japan

7 years ago#25
Sure, I don't tell. My family is Mormon. Apostasy is a one way ticket to being disowned from family and considered an outcast by friends, co-workers and the general community in certain areas. They do NOT take kindly to you trying to leave the religion. Even if you're in a more open minded family who doesn't throw you out, the idea that one of their kids doesn't believe is extremely devastating to them, and causes them a significant amount of pain and guilt.

Thankfully I'm not in Utah anymore, and the Church isn't bothering me at the moment. But whenever I visit family I'll go to church with them and participate as normal.
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