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User Info: KNessJM

7 years ago#11
There's two main things being said in this topic.

1) I don't understand why atheists aren't miserable.

Oh well.

2) If I didn't have my religion, I would be miserable.

From an atheist perspective, that is depressing.
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User Info: Dagorha

7 years ago#12
For Jesus is considered worthy of more glory than Moses, just as the builder has more honor than the house. 4 Now every house is built by someone, but the One who built everything is God. (Heb3:3-4 HCSB) I'm going to argue why this is so because everyone already operates accordingly. Children are expected to submit to adults (in many cultures). Dog owners don't submit to the will of their dog when it wants to bark all day, etc. If God created people, unless you hold some strange Theology foreign to me, He did it for a purpose.

So what you are saying is that as long as it doesn't go against god's command, Schmuck A has moral superiority over Schmuck B because Schmuck A happens to be smarter and stronger?

That's the only verse to my knowledge that has broad application to many people. By implication, it can be concluded God made man with the intention having a mutual loving relationship.

That doesn't make any sense because you have to consider several things. Why does god need a mutual loving relationship? Are you saying God is deficient in love? Also, how did we get from Glory >>>> to Love?

Short Answer: He doesn't, he's god. And if he did why did he create a flawed species like Humans and not just stuck with the angels?

I didn't say that.

People have one purpose and one purpose only. Please God. All other objectives are secondary. More specifically it can be said that you should strive to be like God, morally speaking. This quashes any sense of individuality because asking what God would do, in reality would only ever come to one conclusion for anyone asking a similar question. The differences are superfluous since there is only one good.

I haven't exactly been looking at statistics, but you'd say it isn't safe to assume that most peopple would conclude a tree looks more beautiful than a plain rock the same size?

A rock as large as a tree? I can quite assuredly say that the rock would probably be slightly more interesting simply because of the novelty. Unless you meant same average size which then sure. I'd agree that the average person would find the tree more interesting but that doesn't prove anything. People typically lack the constructs to understand the intricacies that even the most basic rocks can have. People see rock and thing rock. With a tree there is typically more going on that is appeasing to our senses. Brighter colors, varying height differences and the fact that it is living which already puts the tree one step above the rock but if i explained to the casual observer that the rock was a actually a sedimentary rock with a strangely large basalt core in the center and can explain that at one time the rock was once part of a volcano but eventually got weathered after said volcano erupted until it came into being, then i can also guarantee that your statistic would change dramatically. With knowledge comes new understanding,

I guess I could take the question back further and ask why we're attracted to novelty, but when I said that stuff in the first place I was just running my mouth anyway so it's neither here nor there :/

We are attracted to novelty because it helps us to survive. See things that are potentially dangerous or useful. It keeps us alert when our surroundings have changed.
You don't get a gold star for being less bloody stupid than another bloody stupid person when you are still demonstrably bloody stupid. -the final bahamut
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