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Pronouncing the words Allah, Mohammed and Koran in a "Muslim way"

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User Info: Retrotastic

6 years ago#11
Mary Magdalene was grieving for Jesus alone outside his tomb in the canon gospels, that the kind of thing a widow would do isn't it? Also the first person hes going to appear is going to be his wife isn't it? No other reason to appear before some woman rather than one his proper male manly disciples.

User Info: actarus

6 years ago#12
Retrotastic posted...
Mary Magdalene was grieving for Jesus alone outside his tomb in the canon gospels, that the kind of thing a widow would do isn't it?

john 20:16 Jesus saith unto her, Mary. She turned herself, and saith unto him, Rabboni; which is to say, Master.

Rabboni (Master) is the normal way to address her husband?
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User Info: Retrotastic

6 years ago#13
Perhaps he called her Mistress it was a thing they had going.

User Info: kiricat2

6 years ago#14
I know what you mean, but what i find the cringiest is when someone is trying to sympathise with muslims or like...make them feel "welcome" (which isnt bad or anything) by using the muslim lingo. like saying Allah for our benefit, when using the word God would have been just fine in that context.

It's cute and and all, but I think muslims laugh a little inside everytime they here someone say AL-A instead of ull-ahh.

Still I commend people for not only taking an interest in this but noticing the muslimy way of pronouncing things too.
But still I fear and still I dare not laugh at the mad man...

User Info: Retrotastic

6 years ago#15
Qu'ran is a good one to pronounce "in a Muslim way" as it thoroughly clears your throat of flem.

User Info: the_hedonist

6 years ago#16
Chaos Scade posted...
I don't find Islam to be at all "edgy" because it just seems to be the "Protestantism" of the Arab world - the Qu'ran is the dictated word of God, anti-sacramentalism, anti-sacerdotalism, anti-clericalism, etc.

How much about Protestant theology do you actually know? I have a feeling you weren't really into theology until you converted to Orthodoxy. Evangelicals generally believe in verbal plenary inspiration, but it is very different than what Muslims believe about the Qur'an (and the words evangelical and Protestant are not equivalent). Also, there is no consensus on the sacraments or the priesthood among Protestants. Many Protestants that are more influenced by the Magisterial Reformers (e.g. Luther, Calvin, Zwingli) are very sacramental and sacerdotal in their theology.

You will find the "radical Reformation" or Anabaptistic influence in much of evangelicalism, but certainly not all, especially not in Methodist, Lutheran, Anglican, and Reformed groups.

And there are a good number of people like me who are somewhere in the middle on about all of those issues. Long story short - don't put Protestantism in a box, especially when you've only seen a specific segment of it. Other than worship style and gifts issues, Baptists and Pentecostals are extremely similar in theological tendencies, so if that's the majority of Protestantism that you're familiar with, you will leave with a very one-sided view, especially if you were only in it at a young age. I did not start truly understand the theological underpinnings of my Baptist church/upbringing until I started seeing other views w/in Protestantism and doing more study.
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User Info: Dbzmaniax

6 years ago#17
So much hurr durr in this topic...

Can't say I expected anything from Zonghai or much more from Retro, though.

And please, for anyone who attempts to write Qur'an the way Muslims generally do, the apostrophe is after the r and not the u.
Islam began as something strange and will revert to being strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers. - Muhammad salalahu alayhi wasalam
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User Info: Retrotastic

6 years ago#19
"Silence! I kill you!" Is a good thing to say in a "Muslim way", note the eyebrows being raised there.

User Info: JuliaGillard

6 years ago#20
The wikipedia pages for A/M/K actually show how to pronounce those words using standard English pronounciation.
The German wikipedia page does the same, only for German speakers.
French. Spanish. Danish. Dutch....need I go on?
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