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User Info: Infamous681

8 years ago#1
The Rite is a movie that came out involving exorcisms and it made curious to other Christians' beliefs on that subject. So what are your thoughts on exorcisms? Do you think they are they for real? Or are they just nonsense made up by the church?

User Info: Weird_one

8 years ago#2
I personally (and no I don't have scientific evidence for this) think that the mind and spirit are intertwined.

So I wouldn't be surprised if just as your body can get sick, so can your spirit.

Now I'm not one of those people that think every bad mood is from Satan or some other force but I think that if there is nothing physically wrong with the person it could actually be the Spirit itself that is sick.

But I would see a doctor before a priest.

Plus, we do know that some mental illnesses are caused by physical problems in the brain. And these can be treated by chemical means.

So I would go to doctors first and make sure there was nothing physically wrong. Then I would recommend counseling of some sort. And if all of modern medicine and psychology couldn't fix it then .... I might think there was some evil spirit at work.
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User Info: OrangeWizard

8 years ago#3
Fun fact, the Rite was actually loosely based of of a book of loosely the same name, which actually was a documentary of the education of the priests performing exorcisms.

Aren't you glad you got a forgettable movie instead?
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