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User Info: Hadri

13 years ago#41
History and Religion exploded, because we've always wanted them. The other are growing slowly

Actually thanks to the efforts of myself and a handful of other people we've got quite a tight, orderly thing going with the Politics board. We don't have much of a post count but it's quite a functional board. It's just that most similarly-minded people consider WOT tghe board for such topics. Given how WOT looks these days that suits me fine.
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User Info: Kilroyovich

13 years ago#42
I really hope we can prevent this board from becoming LUE version 2.0

The topicality helps.
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User Info: Gurada

13 years ago#43
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Black_Zero_X

13 years ago#44
Those who wield too much power, those who only bring chaos!

User Info: TBF Bri 10

TBF Bri 10
13 years ago#45
CNash is an elitist who is yet to post fifth in one of my topics. =O

*is modded and loses 20 karma*
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User Info: Muchaman

13 years ago#46
No Sikhism board?
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User Info: hey_myguy

13 years ago#47
You know you're addicted to Halo when you go to church and ask if it was lag that made Jesus respawn 3 days later - the emtastic 9

User Info: Mewtwo64

13 years ago#48
Hey this is good to know.

Can someone representing each of the currently listed boards also make a Thread describing your religion? This would be aprreciated by all who visit it!

I think I'll establish a Seventh Day Adventist Board somewhere though--we represent a large chunk of Christains today.
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User Info: dlasagna

13 years ago#49 clarify about Soldier of Light...

We're not there to debate, we're there to be sociable, and we really don't care for bible thumping, or non-biblical thumping. So just ignore us unless you wanna just be sociable.
*sigh* My quote won't fit in my sig.

User Info: Majora1988

13 years ago#50
Might as well get on the first page while I'm here...
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