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  3. China about to check out weird cube structure on the moon.
OVERGOATED 1 month ago#1
wonder what this could be?
golden rule, folks. Official drama llama of CE
he/him #b#
widnow 1 month ago#2
It's just a rock. I doubt it will look anything like a cube from a closer distance.
Fenriswolf 1 month ago#3
Nitro378 1 month ago#4
Why is it only called class war when we fight back? https://youtu.be/fUuK6JtP7xA
Number of 30-day suspensions for attacking Zionism: 3
ClunkerSlim 1 month ago#5
All these worlds are yours, except the moon.
Attempt no landings there.
Starks 1 month ago#6
It's a tough little rover, but it'll take a few months to get there
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Halo_Forever 1 month ago#7
Do they really wanna wake up the Transformers?
Poet Eliot had it all wrong....
StarFighters76 1 month ago#8
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Triad 1 month ago#9
Ok cool.
Hit the one in the middle.
IShall_Run_Amok 1 month ago#10
I already made a Wallace and Gromit joke on the other board, and somebody made a 2001 joke here, so I'm out of material.
Everything you love was always woke, and its less woke than it used to be, and that's why its not as good anymore, because its less woke. Also you suck.
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  3. China about to check out weird cube structure on the moon.
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