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DrAgOn121 1 month ago#1
Just a topic I came across from a test made in 2004 discussing how Australia was making adults vote.

Personally I think there's a lot more pro's than cons
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Covenant 1 month ago#3
It would likely be an improvement over what's going on now.
Sczoyd 1 month ago#4
I don't know, my fear is that the people who normally don't bother to vote are probably even less informed on the issues that the average conservative is.

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TonyKojima 1 month ago#5
WoodenRook posted...
No, you'd have to force people to learn about what they are voting on too and that's not going to happen.
There would likely be a no one option.
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Divine Tonberry 1 month ago#6
No, the more people vote, the less informed the voting populace will be. Of they don't want to vote, it's usually because they don't know what's going on. That's fine.
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Scorpion122178 1 month ago#7
That would be far worse for Dems than for Repubs.
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Sub Tank 1 month ago#8
Maybe if politicians didn't exist, and you were just electing someone to perform a civil duty, who didn't necessarily want the position. But it's kind of weird to force people to vote if they don't care for the outcome. Not voting is also a choice, as disappointing as it may sound.
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Romaji 1 month ago#9
It should be as easy as it possibly can be for anyone and everyone who wants to vote, but not mandatory.
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speedpunk 1 month ago#10
Covenant posted...
It would likely be an improvement over what's going on now.
This. Voting would likely be made more convenient. Additionally, it can still be compulsory without forcing people to choose a candidate. The option to Abstain should always be an option. In this case, it would be an option next to the running candidates. Or just put "Abstain All" at the top of the ballot for those who don't wanna pick any of the running candidates, and they still get to voice the opinion "nah, these all suck" through their vote.
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