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MegatokyoEd 1 month ago#11
Literally all him running does is hurt Hochul
Kradek 1 month ago#12
TheFuzz3451 posted...


He sounds like a douche.
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Starks 1 month ago#13
He's been essential figure of local politics my entire life. Huge douche every time I've met him and the only thing he's good at is the congressional baseball game.

Once broke the news to him about Brexit after a debate before his staff did.
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TheFuzz3451 1 month ago#14

This is the most boiler plate, consultant-driven drivel imaginable. The same old s*** every other moderate Democrat churns out.
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Cowboys97 1 month ago#15
Starks posted...
He could have held on to his seat for a long time. Good riddance. He's about as moderate as you can get without being a member of the blue dog caucus.

He's from Long Island, LI is very pro-police, Back the Blue. What do you expect?
Hoodroar 1 month ago#16
I'm not sure what the point is here, centrists already like Hochul.
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