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  3. Will Trump be alive in 2024?
StarFighters76 1 month ago#31
BrightFart posted...
He'll be alive but his brain will be mush.

So no different than the last several years.
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BrightFart 1 month ago#32
Mushier if that's possible
BrightFart 1 month ago#33
Person, woman, what was the rest?
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HentaiMan 1 month ago#35
Southernfatman posted...
Yes because it seems that God exists and he hates us. The good die young and pricks live forever.

He will be a cyborg receiving the best healthcare and 10 heart transplants like Dick cheyney if he needs one on a whim. Sad that better people could have received said hearts.

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wally 1 month ago#36
If Billy Joel is correct that only the good die young, the former guy will outlive the sun.
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