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Ashethan 1 month ago#51
DIstance77 posted...
I think a lot of it has to do with Biden ending many of Trump's economic and energy policies that were working and were driving down costs. The foreign oil bearers and the energy companies do not have confidence in Biden like they had with Trump and the people are paying the price.

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Metal Gear Raxis 1 month ago#52
DIstance77 posted...
Just do some basic research. Regular did hit $7.50 in some areas of California. Of course the average across the state is said to be about $4.70 now. The fact is that gas prices have skyrocketed under Biden.
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Tro77Tro 1 month ago#53
Trump thinks his lies make him a hero or something, but he gets zero credit for me filling up at $0.49/gallon in Ohio several times last year despite the fact that it was his literally unparalleled idiocy that made the country and much of the world grind to a halt and necessitated that drop (I used my outrageous number of Speedy Rewards for 50 cents off; gas was $0.99/gal here.)
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AceMos 1 month ago#54
ppl look at distance's user info see why you should not be responding to him
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Galactus21 1 month ago#55
I paid 5.10 in the Bay Area yesterday at a chevron. Even with a Prius that was brutal 😞
DIstance77 1 month ago#56
AceMos posted...
ppl look at distance's user info see why you should not be responding to him
What in my user info would cause you to not want to respond?
DIstance77 1 month ago#57
Metal Gear Raxis posted...
Will I trust the word of someone I've tagged anti-vaxxer, or will I not do a foolish thing?
Trump's a pro-vaxxer, but what does that have to do with gas prices?
Goldenguy 1 month ago#58
DIstance77 posted...
The President is responsible for what happens under his watch. His policies have an effect and you can't rely on media entities to explain why gas prices have gone up. Everyone has their opinion on why it is happening and everyone has an angle based on their ideology. If you read left leaning sources like most mainstream news, they'll instinctively be inclined to give explanations that don't hold Biden's feet to the fire. They'll say "it's because of Covid" or "demand" or whatever generic reasons they can come up.

Biden's oil and gas moratorium would only drive the costs up, While you focus on "demand" there's also the "supply" part. With less oil, less gas, and less energy being allowed to come in, that's less supply available due to Biden's climate change agenda. Blaming gas prices on demand without focusing on how the supply has been affected is not looking at the root cause of the problem.

There's no evidence that there's been a dramatic increase of gas usage throughout this year, that's merely anecdotal. And if demand did increase somewhat from last year, then why would it be any different now than what demand was in a normal pre-pandemic year when gas prices were much lower? Another thing to keep in mind is that since the pandemic started, there's been a car shortage meaning that there are less new cars on the road this year than usual. Less new cars on the road means less overall cars on the road, which means more carpooling which would offset any marginal increase in "demand" at the pump from last year to this year. With gas prices up 60% over the last 12 months, any "demand" increase would only be a fraction of that number so demand would not explain the skyrocketing gas prices alone.

Further, if you want to play the anecdotal game, today there are more people working from home than ever before, so compared to 2019 and before, there are less people today commuting to work on a daily basis. There's less rush hour traffic, and frankly people are much more cautious in general since the pandemic started and would be less inclined to drive. Less new cars on the road, so I think your claim that demand has increased significantly which would explain gas prices going up doesn't hold water. It's a reasonable theory, especially compared to last year, but compared to a normal year like 2019 and before, demand now would still be lower than your average pre-pandemic year due to other factors.

When Biden did the oil and gas moratorium back in February, Republican lawmakers said this move would harm the economy of Western states without putting a dent in climate change. Well Republicans predicted all this would happen because they understand how the supply chain is harmed by climate change policies. Higher prices at the pump have a lot more to do with the changes that Biden has made to the supply of energy than to the demand. Citing demand as the main reason for why gas prices are higher is just an excuse to ignore what Biden has done to the supply with the climate change agenda.

A shortage of newer cars doesn't mean carpooling, it means older cars are on the road. Older is less fuel efficient generally.

You also have low demand last year which caused a lot of truckers to switch professions or retire.

Gas was often in the high $2s during Trump, it just cratered when the supply was beyond the demand. The fact that it's into the mid 3s right now is expected let alone with the pandemic conditions that have led to the gulf between supply and demand.
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Dynedux 1 month ago#59
There’s like one place in CA with gas that high and it’s a town if like 5 people

most places are 4.10-4.90

i haven’t seen gas at $1.87 in CA since 1994
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feudel 1 month ago#60
California is subject to Republican propaganda the most
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