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  3. Do you believe in the existence of an Illuminati?
TaskmasterX 3 months ago#71

They are all over Hollywood (Holy wood - wood used for magic wands) to create ‘entertainment’ (To enter a state of Trance or Hypnosis)

they are in the Government (Nasa - Operation Paper clip) spoken about by both Dwight Eisenhower and John F Kennedy

and they are ‘Catholic Jesuits’ which is why 80% of the Supreme Court is Catholic and Biden, and Pelosi meet with the pope.
Hyena 20 3 months ago#72
Fenriswolf posted...
TBH most conspiracy theorists are in it for financial gather, rather than any serious political influence.

Yup. And one of the telltale signs is that they sell woo pills and survival gear. This includes but is not limited to Alex Jones, Jim Bakker, Kent Hovind, Ty Bollinger, and William Schnoebelen.
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Cyrone 3 months ago#73
widnow posted...
LMAO at the way you worded the only "no" option.

As opposed to ?

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Flambian 3 months ago#74
Incitatus posted...
I misquoted you i meant quote the fellow above you.
If it helps, I understood you meant to quote me. The factional politics of the Bolsheviks after Lenin's death are fascinating and for me as a trotskyist, important to learn from.
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Notti 2 months ago#75
The Illuminotti are fine fellows of upstanding character.

The Illuminati are mostly modern day conspiracy tripe.
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LifeReigns_929 2 months ago#76
4:44 am and pm!
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