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  3. Asian Contestant from SURVIVOR was Attacked by a Crazy WHITE WOMAN!!!!

User Info: mrduckbear

1 month ago#1
Do you live in an area with a homeless problem? - Results (13 votes)
69.23% (9 votes)
30.77% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.
37 y/o Former Survivor: Fiji Contestant Michelle Yi who is now a Pilates Instructor said she needed several stitches after she was hit in the head with a METAL BATON by a homeless woman who also assaulted 2 other asian people near the Santa Monica boardwalk and thinks it may have been racially motivated given the attack on asian people during the pandemic!!

She was opening her studio before 6am when she saw a disheveled woman near the front and was yelling all sorts of things such as "You stole my identity", "You're a prostitute"

This comes as attacks in Southern California tries to crack down on homeless encampments which is blamed for the crime, graffiti and arson

Michelle said Santa Monica has a homeless problem and otld the woman, ma'am, you can't be here. you need to leave

That's when she lunged at her with knife and baton and hit her and stabbed her left bicepts at which the woman then hit Michelle on the head that split open her face

Yi said one of her students immediately called 5-0 but only received a message that the operators were busy and eventually got help when they saw a police car come by

Yi was hospitalized and received several stitches but suffered no fractures

She remained confused on why it happened to her but suspects race may have played a role and said "I can't say why she attacked me of all people. But she was a white lady who attacked 3 other people that morning. Another victim was an elderly asian man who was walking his dog and the third was a person of colour. I can't prove whether it was racially motivated or not but she was screaming all sorts of awful things at me. The facts are what they are"

Police confirmed the attacks but suggested it may have been mental health issue and was off her meds maybe.

Yi says she has no family near her as her parents are in Taiwan and siblings live in the Bay Area but hopes there are more police presence in the morning hours since it was dark when this happened.

Attacks on asians around the world started when the pandemic happened after conservative groups blamed china for it where asians got the brunt of the racial attacks after Trump started calling it "Kung Flu"

Yi was 23 on her season and placed 10th on her Season of Survivor after being part of a majority alliance but after a tribal swap she became a minority in her tribe where she and another asian contestant, Stacy Kimball were up to being voted out and Michelle ended up the tribal boot...

Do you live in an area with a homeless problem?
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User Info: Fenriswolf

1 month ago#2
Clearly the homeless woman is just critiquing the CCP /S

User Info: OctoPop

1 month ago#3
Santa Monica is not Los Angeles. They should handle their vagrant problem like other surrounding independent cities such as Beverly Hills and not let mayor "yoga pants" Garcetti and councilman Mike "bad idea" Bonin's corrupt and inept L.A. city influence taint their beautiful beachside town.
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User Info: krazykiwikid

1 month ago#4
With a f***ing metal pole. That should be classed as attempted murder. I quite liked her in Survivor. Not that it makes any difference but she's pretty cute.
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User Info: Shadilay

1 month ago#5
mrduckbear posted...
Asian Contestant from SURVIVOR was Attacked by a Crazy W̵H̵I̵T̵E̵ LATINO WOMAN!!!!


The attacker's name is Alexandria Diaz.

User Info: Humble_Novice

1 month ago#6
Shadilay posted...

The attacker's name is Alexandria Diaz.
She's most likely Hispanic rather than Latino:
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