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User Info: Full Throttle

Full Throttle
1 month ago#1
Do you think these hospitals are being heartless for denying them these life saving transplants? - Results (46 votes)
Yes. Look i don't like anti-vaxxers but to deny them this life saving procedure is just cruel and they should just do it
8.7% (4 votes)
Yes. Respect their rights and do your jobs. People who praise this decision are going to regret this
2.17% (1 vote)
No. I think THEY are more heartless for not seeing why being unvaccinated is worse and should re-examine themselves
89.13% (41 votes)
This poll is now closed.
65 y/o Michelle Vitullo from Ohio who REFUSES to get vaccinated for religious and medical reasons was DENIED a life saving transplant from her DAUGHTER because of it as she desperately needs to SURVIVE but the hospital says she needs the shot because the transplant would weaken her immune system!!

Michelle sobbed uncontrollably talking to the media about going to the Cleveland Clinic for her stage 4 liver disease since 2019 and at that end stage, the liver is permantnly damaged and many of its cells turn into scar tissue

But she refused the vaccine for religious reasons and fears it could damage her health with that stance now derailing her life

Despite this she is still refusing it and would rather have her trust in GOD than the DEVIL'S MEDICINE but is hoping another hospital that isn't implementing this draconian policy take her. She said Government has no right to tell her what she has to put in her body and doesn't understand why the world doesn't see what is happening around them.

She was excited when her daughter, Angela Green was an exact match and doctors were set to remove part of her liver and use it to save her mother when it was called off 2 weeks before the scheduled apointment because they found out both were unvaccinated.

They released a statement that it began requiring all organ donors to get vaccinated and said "For the living donor, preventing COVID-19 infection around the time of a surgical operation is crucial. Medications taken after an organ transplant weaken a person's immune response. Serious complications of COVID-19 are most likely to develop in these individuals who have weakened immune systems"

Their entire family, who are also NOT vaccinated say they are now facing the prospect of losing Michelle

Jim, her husband said sobbingly "It's not right. This is wrong. How can you do that to somebody?. They had us sign an agreement that we would live within one hour of the Cleveland Clinic, i had to quit my job because of all the visits, ended up sleeping literally hundreds of days in my car in the airport there because of the expense."...

They all oppose the vaccine AND mask mandate and said to do this to them is a big mistake and against their beliefs who say they had adverse reactions before from vaccines like blood clotting and heart problems

In Stage 4 liver disease, the liver may become enlarged or shrink, liver cells are replaced by scar tisue and the liver cannot function properly

Cirrhosis can be fatal and is found in the final stage before transplant is necessary. It is responsible for storing glycogen which the body needs for energy and making bile that helps digest fats

The mother and daughter broke down in tears as Michelle said "I don't think they do care. I feel bad because my grandkids, they say, grandma, we're praying for you to get better'. It breaks my heart because now i have to tell them i may not get better"

This happened to another woman, with stage 5 renal failure who was denied a transplant over vaccinations in Colorado where Leilani Lutali and her christian donor, Jaimee Fougner were denied of the same reason and now she faces death if she doesn't get it done.

Jim says these people are HEARTLESS and would rather watch their patients die and families in pain because of some draconian policy like vaccinations and say this is unfair.

Do you think these Hospitals are being heartless?

Entire Vitullo Family who are UNVACCINATED -

Hospital -

Another woman and friend who are denied -
The News Will Continue...For Now
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User Info: Umbreon

1 month ago#2
Why is she crying? She trusts God doesn't she? Just ask Him to cure you...
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User Info: Evillink2000

1 month ago#3
Maybe instead of praying do the responsible thing and get the vaxx so you can do the transplant. Hell of a concept, I know.

User Info: Nok_Su_Kow

1 month ago#4
Why don't you ever post a link to an original source/article? I'm sure it exists, but why this posting style with imgur links?

User Info: The_Superstar

1 month ago#5
People being denied transplant due to vaccination status is not a new phenomenon. There are a ton of factors that go into transplant approvals.

Just another case of the alt right pretending to give a s*** about something other than themselves

User Info: Carljank

1 month ago#6
Stupid f***ing b****. Imagine being so obstinate even facing death's door.
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User Info: VFalcone

1 month ago#7
Umbreon posted...
Why is she crying? She trusts God doesn't she? Just ask Him to cure you...

User Info: ai123

1 month ago#8
The hospital isn't denying her anything.

The remedy is in her own hands.

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User Info: Genesis Dragon

Genesis Dragon
1 month ago#9
Full Throttle posted...
Despite this she is still refusing it and would rather have her trust in GOD than the DEVIL'S MEDICINE

Then go ask God to put a liver in you, and leave the doctors alone.
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User Info: jdc6305

1 month ago#10
My aunt had a liver transplant and it cost close to $1,000,000. They wouldn't do the transplant unless she quit smoking.

I can see why they want her vaxxed . She's going to be spending a month or more in a high risk environment in the hospital.

They're pretty strict about requirements for getting a transplant.
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