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Rexxon 1 month ago#1
So, some background for everyone. All the adults in my house, including me, have taken the Covid vaccine. We also had Covid going around the house.

My brother in law caught Covid in March, and I caught it in April. It wrecked my sinuses, but that was the worst if it. I got my vaccine as soon as I recovered.

We have 2 kids in the house whom are unable to be vaccinated, 6yr and 11 year w/medical conditions that made it impossible to get the vaccine. They did not catch anything in wave one, nor did my sister, whom I live with.

Then the kids had to go back to school.

About a week ago, right as they went on break, the 6 yr old started developing a nasty cough. She just now is starting to recover, but now the 11 year old is beginning to cough.

I have been feeling off the last few days. More gunky in the throat than normal, but it could be allergies. I have not been coughing as much as the others.

But my sister got hit hard. Last two days, she has been having a hard time standing up. Sleeping a ton, looking feverish.

I just had to call an ambulance for her to be taken to the hospital. I am staying home to watch kids.

I am worried and scared. I thought things looked bad a couple days ago, but she is a stubborn person and does things on her own.

I am also furious that things have gotten to this point. We had to have caught it from the kids, who probably caught it at school.

Get the vaccine people, I have two small children that are terrified they are going to lose their mother, over a vaccine that has been needlessly politicized.

The more people that take the vaccine, the less chance we have of catching it. And no, nothing is garunteed, but the lower the number, the better, Period.

When the world needs a hero...
Rexxon the Mighty.
_____Cait 1 month ago#2
Yeah but the vaccine is POISON made by CHINA and you DIE if you take it.

Although lord leadership himself Trump did.

But now he is controlled by the deep state!

Which also created Covid!

so uh

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Humble_Novice 1 month ago#3
Are there any anti-vaxxers within your circle of friends and family, TC?
str8Knowledge 1 month ago#4
1337toothbrush 1 month ago#5
Rexxon 1 month ago#6
Humble_Novice posted...
Are there any anti-vaxxers within your circle of friends and family, TC?
My other sister and her husband, apparently. Although she did vaccinate her youngest child, and her oldest son got vaccinated right after his 18th birthday.

I don't hate them for what they choose. They are still family.

I am just worried and scared for my sister I live with. She is very stubborn, and I think she should have gone to er or urgent care two days ago when the serious symptoms started.

When the world needs a hero...
Rexxon the Mighty.
McSame_as_Bush 1 month ago#7
I'm sorry. I hope your sister recovers quickly and it is very very likely she will be okay.
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BadDecisions 1 month ago#8
Terrible to hear, hope your sister ends up alright.
The school situation in this country is entirely f***ed up. We had an entire year to make online courses viable, to reoutfit schools with better HVAC and/or sanitation materials, to come up with better masking and distancing plans and we did absolutely nothing with that time (except for Red states, who used that time to attempt to make things worse).
jdc6305 1 month ago#9
Every family member close to me has been vaxed even the republican ones.

My cousin lives with me and he quit his job when this all started. His unemployment ran out in Sept. I'm buying is food and he's not going back to work until spring at the earliest.

I've been smoking for 30 years. I have asthma and I have scars on my lungs from a case of pneumonia I had when I was 27. I quit smoking when covid started but my lungs are still trashed. I'm 45 now and I worry about catching this.
BadDecisions 1 month ago#10
jdc6305 posted...
I've been smoking for 30 years. I quit smoking when covid started
I know that isn't the point of the post, but congrats, dude. That's admirable. When we make it through this pandemic your life is gonna be a lot better for that choice.
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