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  3. So... is Trump not running in 2024 then

User Info: HylianFox

1 month ago#1
I was always confused by the possibility of him running, because that would mean admitting that he lost 2020

But now he's saying "Don't vote in 2022 or 2024, because I totally still won 2020" so I guess he isn't

But then, what's with this Make America Great Again Again PAC, unless it's just another way to fleece his people out of their money (I mean, duh)
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User Info: Evillink2000

1 month ago#2
Of course he isn't. He's just grifting as usual. And all of his slurpers will buy it and give him all of their money.

User Info: crowkillers

1 month ago#3
Good. We don't need Trump or another like him. We also don't need someone who gets lost on his way to the podium and proceeds to speak in incoherent gibberish.

User Info: PhilBuck

1 month ago#4
Probably not. He'll be 78 then. Yes, Biden won at 78, but no one knows what his appetite will be to run again. Plus, he probably couldn't handle another loss.

Also, I would almost bet serious money that Biden will not seek reelection in '24. He'll be 82 and most likely tapped out. Harris, Bernie, Warren, Schumer, and the usual suspects will take another jab at the nomination...

But...AOC will be 35 in 2024, making her eligible to run for President. I don't think Trump's ego could handle losing to her.
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1 month ago#5
Trump will not run. It will be Harris vs GOP candidate who’s not Trump.
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User Info: Super-Cooler

1 month ago#6
I think it all depends on how well his party does next year, as if they suffer major losses then the chances of him losing in 2024 go up significantly.

User Info: mad_hax_man

1 month ago#7
Trump says self contradictory bulls*** all the time.

He's a narcissist who is heavily favored to win the republican primary if he runs. He is most likely running in 2024, unless Trumpism fails in 2022 or he has a major health concern between here and now
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User Info: ForsakenHermit

1 month ago#8
Do you seriously expect consistency from Slug Virus?
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User Info: Avirosb

1 month ago#9
The whole "announcing you're running years in advance", don't people get tired of that?
Not the ones who stand to make money, mind but regular people.
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User Info: KenshiroX

1 month ago#10
The only thing that would prevent Trump from running again is death or a coma. If he doesn't run via not getting the nomination, he'll have his people raise hell with the actual nominee. If he just chooses not to run, his MAGA's will turn on him, call him a coward, a deep state sellout, etc, etc.
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