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  3. Colorado tied for state with fewest shark attacks, governor touts
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User Info: blacklabelice

1 month ago#22
NecroNikolai13 posted...
Aquarium employee finished a dive with a Sand Tiger shark and accidently bumped his hand into the sharks mouth, which reacted with an investigation bite (cause sharks figure out what stuff is by biting)

oh it was at an aquarium. that makes sense. this whole time im trying to figure out how sharks ended up in a landlocked state.

well thats one mystery solved. i guess i wont have to worry about great white sharks that have evolved and grown a set of wings and fly around and bite people. 2021 has been f***ed up enough. i dont think i would be able to deal with that.
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User Info: TomorrowDog

1 month ago#23
This isn't even true. I was in Colorado playing D&D with Vin Diesel and Judi Dench and we got wiped by a landshark.

User Info: Hyena 20

Hyena 20
1 month ago#24
Shark attacks are so f***ing rare that I'm pretty sure Colorado has to compete with all of the coastal states minus Florida and California on most years. Possibly even lower than that if you subtract bycatch, shark-hunters, shark feeders, and drunken "durr hurr watch my drunken ass stick my hand in this dogshark's mouth that my buddy just caught off the boat"
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User Info: TundraKing87

1 month ago#25

Tied for the fewest, sure, but don't forget about the victims!

User Info: DK DeathKnight

DK DeathKnight
1 month ago#26
Their are some Sharks like Bull Sharks that are known to swim up rivers and be in places like Ohio and Idaho. However its no surprise that the States that are next to the Oceans tend to have more Shark attacks. Duh!
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User Info: ZaruenKosai

1 month ago#27
brestugo posted...

I'm not from Colorado, but I'm sure a Republican governor would have f***ed this up somehow.
the graph is garbage.. ther are less than 50 shark attacks a year in the united states lol

Unless the graph is since records were started.. in which case yes I can believe 500 shark attacks over decades
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User Info: Kradek

1 month ago#28
Pfft as usual FL is the worst in the nation on this.
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User Info: divot1338

1 month ago#29
Mods delete topics that aren’t about politics even if it mentions someone ostensibly in politics.

Then again there may have been a bunch of new mods lately based the weird s*** they’ve been doing.
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User Info: Villain_S_Fiend

1 month ago#30
The food here is awful. My steak was so tough, halfway through my meal it got up and attacked my coffee and the coffee was too weak to defend itself.
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