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  3. The reason Trump is stalling on his confirmation for a presidential run.

User Info: LearntoRead

1 month ago#21
It's a bizarre state of affairs where a celebrity scamming a political party out of it's money and skipping town might be one of the better scenarios for 2024. I mean, I'll take it but it's weird.

User Info: thegreatsquare

1 month ago#22
He’s not running again.
I hope you're right.
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User Info: ClayGuida

1 month ago#23
Today he showed he has no plans to run and is basically pocketing any and all donations he receives.

User Info: Evillink2000

1 month ago#24
Of course it's all for the grifting process. And his cultists will go bankrupt funding this idiot.

User Info: Dark Moon

Dark Moon
1 month ago#25
Takuya Lee posted...
Including skip town with it.
He doesn't even need to. I mean he made millions claiming he was going to use it for audits. Almost a year later, not one cent been put toward a audit, yet people keep giving him money.
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User Info: Lum_Yatsura

1 month ago#26
Trump can't run again. He "won" in 2020.

A third term is unconstitutional, and he'll have to admit as such if he runs.
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User Info: _Falstaff

1 month ago#27
Avirosb posted...
The Sinister Truth: Trump's eyes look just like his mouth.
9 days to go, and I'm out of here.

User Info: Notti

1 month ago#28
Other good reasons to add:

1) Keeps Repub challengers in disarray.

2) Trump can see how 2022 turns out. If it goes badly Trump might retire with his war chest.

3) Also check on Biden. Does he falter? How's Biden's approval etc?

4) Even if this not alll to his favor he can still be Kingmaker to whomever and get a slice of that and hold those reigns.

_Falstaff posted...

User Info: Hoodroar

1 month ago#29
It's simply dumb to announce this early.

He tried to, because he is dumb, but his advisors talked him out of it.

He himself has admitted that campaign finance laws are a factor in the stalling.
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  3. The reason Trump is stalling on his confirmation for a presidential run.
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