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User Info: McSame_as_Bush

4 weeks ago#1
Hungary’s Viktor Orbán is rolling out the red carpet for a French populist who hopes to be the next president of France. Except it’s not Marine Le Pen.

The Hungarian prime minister will on Friday meet a TV pundit called Eric Zemmour, whose presidential ambitions are already upsetting next year’s race.

Orbán‘s government is hosting a two-day summit in Budapest with a pro-family, anti-immigration agenda. A host of conservative figures — ranging from former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence to Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša — have been in Hungary for the fourth edition of the event, and Orbán is also hosting Zemmour at the prime minister’s office on Friday morning.

The meeting is bad news for Le Pen who is struggling to kickstart a stuttering bid for the Elysée.

“It’s really worrying,” said an insider from Le Pen’s National Rally party. “It’s a sign that he [Orbán] endorses Zemmour and it’s bad news for her.”

Le Pen “had tried to create a right-wing confederation in Europe, but it has never materialized,” said the insider, who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals from within the party. Le Pen has repeatedly tried to meet Orbán, and her attempts at creating a fully-fledged EU parliamentary group including Orbán’s Fidesz and Poland’s Law and Justice party have so far failed.

Zemmour is not yet officially a candidate for the presidency but his bold anti-immigration, pro-French identity stance is attracting the support of many who believe Le Pen’s National Rally has become too mainstream.

A longtime journalist for the conservative daily Le Figaro, Mr. Zemmour became a best-selling author in the past decade with books that described a France in decline, under threat from what he claimed was an Islam that doesn’t share France’s core values. His celebrity and influence rose to another level after he became the star of CNews in 2019, where, each evening in prime time, he expounded on his ideas to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

He has portrayed himself as a truth-teller in a news media dominated by politically correct, left-leaning journalists. He has railed against the immigration of Muslim Africans, invoking the supposed existential threat of a “great replacement” — a loaded term that even Ms. Le Pen has avoided — that will overwhelm France’s more established white and Christian population.

Over the weekend, Mr. Zemmour said that, if he were president, he would ban “non-French” first names like Mohammed and Kevin, because they created obstacles to an assimilation process that used to turn immigrants into what he considered real French people.

These kinds of comments have occasionally drawn the attention of French authorities. In May, the government broadcast regulator fined CNews 200,000 euros, about $236,000, for speech inciting racial hatred. On his show in September 2020, Mr. Zemmour had said that unaccompanied foreign minors should be expelled from France, calling them “thieves,” “killers” and “rapists.”

Sort of a more intelligent Trump/Tucker hybrid.

Interestingly, he is also Jewish, so I bet him and Stephen Miller would get along well.
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User Info: Starks

4 weeks ago#2
Orban is doing the Putin speedrun
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User Info: AndreLeGeant

4 weeks ago#3
Would be good if the far right split votes. Might allow a leftist to get into the second round
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User Info: Humble_Novice

4 weeks ago#4
AndreLeGeant posted...
Would be good if the far right split votes. Might allow a leftist to get into the second round
Yeah. We need the far right to eat themselves rather than unite.
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