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  3. Cancel culture still not a thing.

User Info: JasonWhitlock

4 weeks ago#71
Unfortunately it is.

It was sad to see Jenna Marbles harassed by people that behave like resetera members and people from this board.
We've gone from Kabul to Killbul in one administration

User Info: Genesis1991

4 weeks ago#72
scorpio man posted...
Left projection as usual
Except it's completely true, and you're lying and projecting, as usual.

User Info: Red XlV

Red XlV
4 weeks ago#73
Scorpion122178 posted...
regardless Trump rode to power on a primarily anti immigrant anti PC platform. The fact that he was anti PC is what drew the number to him that it did. And social media company, being the craven vultures that they are, are more than happy to host people like him who regularly violate their TOS because it makes them money.
"Anti-PC" meaning racism. He rode to power on white supremacy.
"We will end our resilience for bad things." "We have pioneered the fatality rate."
More brilliant insights from Donald Chump
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  3. Cancel culture still not a thing.
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