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  3. What do you most associate the Republican Party with?

User Info: Evillink2000

2 months ago#51
Where is the all of the above option?

User Info: dcn2424

1 month ago#52


User Info: benjjjamin

1 month ago#53
White nationalism over male misogyny over christian fundamentalism.
Those three things account for 90% of the republican party's actual principles, with a smattering of fiscal conservatism and anitgovernment filling the rest out.

As far as the breakdown, I'd say 45% white nationalism, 25% misogyny, 20% christian fundy, 7% antigovernment, 3% fiscal conservative.

That add up?
Keep in mind a lot of the white nationalism and misogyny isn't labelled correctly, as they will cite christian values for their actual misogyny. If you tease apart a lot of people who think they're being christian, they're really just being misogynists who want property.
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User Info: slaity

1 month ago#54
probably racism bc I make race joke lol
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User Info: gamerofNS

1 month ago#55
Other. Specifically, All of the Above.

User Info: Lord_Ichmael

1 month ago#56
Other: money.

User Info: Evillink2000

1 month ago#57

User Info: KittyBillionair

1 month ago#58
All of the above plus terrorism, lying and conspiracy theories oh and craziness.
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User Info: Notti

1 month ago#59

User Info: EliteGuard99

1 month ago#60
All of the above, also know as: evil.
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  3. What do you most associate the Republican Party with?
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