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  3. Republican party will be dead in 19 years

User Info: sfcalimari

1 month ago#61
RedZaraki posted...
It's bizarre to me that we're well into the 21st century and some people still think of them as the "future" of the country.

When they've basically told everyone that America was better in the 1950s than it is now (lol).

I want a Star Trek future people. I want us to eventually move past all this current turbulent bulls***. And that sure as s*** will never happen with any Republican having any voice anywhere in government.
"Tether even a roasted chicken."
- Yamamoto Tsunetomo

User Info: Unclover028

1 month ago#62
sfcalimari posted...

User Info: Torgo

1 month ago#63
Broseph_Stalin posted...
...if conservatism was a generational thing it would have died out a long time ago. It's like some of you guys don't realize boomers were the hippie generation at one point.

I hate to agree, but this is true.

Limbaugh and Fox News boosted so-called conservatism throughout the 80s and 90s and hooked a bunch of young Gen Xrs, and then online movements and recruiters managed to grab some millenials and early Zoomers.

The right have billionaires with endless cash to spend on disseminating propaganda through think tanks and propping up radical far-right media. There are also plenty of talented grifters to take that money and lie on their behalf for a living.
Conservatism and the republican party have become ridiculous self-parody.

User Info: benjjjamin

1 month ago#64
None of you know what you're talking about. Hippies weren't liked in their time and the nation was 60% Nixonites. That evenly split in gen X. It's 60-40 in millennials. It's almost 70-30 in the under 21 category. People sang songs about Nixon's glory, folks. You weren't educated properly on the 60's and 70's if you think they were a bunch of liberals who broke bad.

Conservatism is declining on a data series R^2 that would get you a good score for precision on your chemistry lab.
It just takes longer to manifest when run through elections due to gerryrigging, organic political buffer systems (reaction swing voters who just don't like who they last picked), and the inherent bias of representation in all three branches of gov.

They're going to tank as a party in your lifetime, and it's not going to be at the end of it.
27% of boomers are dead.
Their conservatives are not being replaced 1:1.
Welcome to the Thunderdome
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