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  3. Republican party will be dead in 19 years

User Info: ragnarokius

3 months ago#51
I'm surprised scorpio boy still posts here.

User Info: RedZaraki

3 months ago#52
It's bizarre to me that we're well into the 21st century and some people still think of them as the "future" of the country.

When they've basically told everyone that America was better in the 1950s than it is now (lol).

I want a Star Trek future people. I want us to eventually move past all this current turbulent bulls***. And that sure as s*** will never happen with any Republican having any voice anywhere in government.

User Info: slaity

3 months ago#53
.... GOP is already dead and replaced by GQP
Index of Economic Freedom 2020: #1 Singapore... #9 Canada ...#17 US

User Info: Rexdragon125

3 months ago#54
scorpio man posted...
Democrats projecting as usual
Look who's taken over the GOP

Nah, you won't, you'll ignore it and abandon thread like always

User Info: Torgo

3 months ago#55
Thanatos the Great posted...
You make the fatal mistake of assuming the Republicans' survival depends on them winning elections. But their strategy isn't to win elections - it's to rig them, and ultimately abolish them.

On top of this, they have billionaires with essentially bottomless cash reservoirs funding every two-bit propaganda and recruitment effort through think tanks and donations.

You think gamergate was organic and grassroots? Think again.
White nationalist movement coordination?
The rise of the IDW a few years back?

It's all due to the vast amounts of money sloshing around for grifters and scumbags willing to disseminate disinformation on behalf of the very wealthy in the name of low taxes, military adventurism, and white supremacy.
Conservatism and the republican party have become ridiculous self-parody.

User Info: Evillink2000

3 months ago#56
ragnarokius posted...
I'm surprised scorpio boy still posts here.
He has more than half of the site blocked so few people can report him for his bulls***.

User Info: creativerealms

3 months ago#57
scorpio man posted...
Democrats projecting as usual
There is no proof dems cheated. If anything their insistence in following every rule to the letter and thinks the republicans are doing the same hurts them.

Dems are lawful stupid.
Occam's razor: The simplest solution (answer) is most likely the right one

User Info: Notti

2 months ago#58
LinkofEvil posted...

Not being racist or anything but it is mostly white males who vote conservative (Right Wing) and minorities (PoC and woman) who overwhelmingly vote Left Wing. If things going according to projections laid out, white people in America will be a minority by 2040 ~ 2050. So, eitherway, Republican party will be dead in the water.

This is why the guys in the Republican with 3 neurons were saying "We gotta appeal to the Latinos!"

Only to be drowned out by the racist anti immigrant hordes.

User Info: strizife

2 months ago#59
I've been hearing this dumb s*** for at least 30 years and the Republican party is still winning elections and f***ing s*** up.
(message deleted)
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