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  3. NYC mayor candidate Eric Adams wants remote teaching with 300-400 students

User Info: Vtriggering

3 months ago#11
Parents have been complaining about schoolboard's new policy of redistributing top students into s*** schools in attempt to "improve diversity" because the elite schools just have too many overperforming minorities. So these top students now end up in schools that can't help them reach their potential, and the struggling kids will drag them down by bullying them. Well-done school board.

It's also hilarious how the right wing thinktanks have been using past year of shutdown and learning at home as an opportunity to s*** on public schools and push home schooling. They just rebranded it as hybrid schooling now.

User Info: Overlord Hikash

Overlord Hikash
3 months ago#12
As an educator...

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User Info: Tro77Tro

3 months ago#13
CoyoteTheGreat posted...
Having one teacher teaching 300-400 students and expecting them to actually learn anything... isn't realistic. Basically, only the self-learners would ever learn anything.

That's about 280-380 more students than any teacher should have to teach at once, at the absolute least, and I'm betting most educators would argue 285-385 since a class size of 20 means your students aren't learning s***.
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User Info: CoyoteTheGreat

3 months ago#14
Halo_Forever posted...
Yeah, distance education basically doubles the amount of time you need to spend with a student. With 300-400 students that isn't happening. Really only a complete moron could think this, I was surprised that this was from a Democrat.

Which means if you doubled staff, you -could- continue distance learning, just with 10-15 people per classroom.

That kind of ignores the most important part of school though, which is socializing kids and making them part of society. You can't do that through distance education period.
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Also, this is Kagata..

User Info: FlyEaglesFly24

3 months ago#15
What teacher is going to take on the load that would be the grading and parental communication that comes with teaching 300 students?

This guy must not be interested in winning his election.
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User Info: MikeRiley

3 months ago#16
Just because it's remote doesn't mean the teacher doesn't have to watch what the kids are doing. They get special attention based on who missed what and who needs something explained better. One teacher for 300-400 kids? Have fun with your national strike. It's literally impossible.
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User Info: TomorrowDog

3 months ago#17
Just plop them in front of a learning module and watch the kids take off like a jet engine. This guy thinks he's a genius.

User Info: LuigisBro

3 months ago#18
Adams wants to do this so he rent out all these empty schools to charters, he's just a typical neoliberal

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User Info: Atralis

3 months ago#19
You may as well have the kids look up Algebra 1 on youtube at that point.

User Info: spiffyone

3 months ago#20
Guess he thinks The Jetsons was a documentary.
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