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  3. CPAC stage was designed by a Liberal group with close ties to MSNBC

User Info: Lord_Diablo13

1 month ago#1
After speculation turned into a full blown conspiracy theory that claimed the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was secretly designed to look like an obscure Nazi symbol, the design company that was hired to set up the stage has spoken out, saying the stage's resemblance to the "Odal Rune," which adorned the uniforms of some SS officers during WWII, was purely a coincidence.

Speaking to The Forward, Design Foundry, a stage design firm based in Hyattsville, Maryland, said it "had no idea that the design resembled any symbol, nor was there any intention to create something that did." Despite the company's explanation, the organizers of CPAC said they would not hire the company to do any work in the future due to the "unwelcome distraction."

The stage began to go viral on social media once people saw the resemblance to the Odal or "Othala" Rune, a symbol that goes back to the third century. Immediately, a conspiracy theory began to circulate that assumed the stage's design was intentional and was meant as a secret nod to white supremacists.

According to journalist Yashar Ali, Design Foundry worked on many events in D.C. for companies like MSNBC and Target. He also pointed out that the company oversaw the design for the Biden Cancer Summit in 2018.

"The owner, Annie, is very liberal and was so excited for Biden's victory," Ali tweeted this Tuesday. "Great work conspiracy theorists."

Design Foundry told The Forward that the American Conservative Union (ACU) approved the design, which was "intended to provide the best use of space, given the constraints of the ballroom and social distancing requirements."

The terms of the contract signed with Design Foundry said that the ACU had no rights to change the design or dismantle the stage once it was finalized. "The designs, renderings, drawings, specifications, materials and other documents used or created as part of the proposal are owned by Design Foundry."

Ian Walters, director of communications for the ACU and CPAC, told the Forward that the company "provided several options for us to choose from and what we ended up with was the most workable of the options they submitted."

In a statement, Design Foundry said it was "saddened and horrified at the accusations that this was a deliberate act. Design Foundry denounces all hate speech and acts of racism, prejudice, or bigotry in all forms."

Honestly, when it came to who approved the CPAC stage, I did nazi that coming.

I'll get my coat.
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User Info: Kim Kusanagi

Kim Kusanagi
1 month ago#2
It's always a contrived coincidence huh
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User Info: feudel

1 month ago#3
Maybe it’s intentional to make cpac look bad?

User Info: itsmeaustin

1 month ago#4
Well there we go. Time to put to bed the latest liberal conspiracy theory.

User Info: Asherlee10

1 month ago#5
Did Design Foundry know they were making something for CPAC?
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User Info: knivesX2004

1 month ago#6
itsmeaustin posted...
Well there we go. Time to put to bed the latest liberal conspiracy theory.
Nah, those were obviously GQP people pretending to be Antifa pretending to be GQP to make the GQP look bad.

User Info: Yoshimo_irl

1 month ago#7
I thought it could have been a coincidence. Was there ever a rational explanation for all the trump administration incidences?
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User Info: Enclave

1 month ago#8
Most I saw talking about it were pretty clear, they'd have assumed it was a coincidence if it was for anything but Republicans. Republicans have been courting the white supremacist vote for a rather long time and are getting very brazen about it, what does it say when people see that stage and just can't help but think that it couldn't have been a coincidence? There's a reason why people didn't think it was a coincidence and it was a very valid and justified reason.
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User Info: Tenlaar

1 month ago#9
The article says that the owner is a liberal, not that the company is "a liberal group." But I find it pretty hard to believe that a "very liberal" person would be tapped to design the CPAC stage.

User Info: Archgoat

1 month ago#10
It was antifa.
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