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  3. Good bye to women's rights in America.

User Info: _Emi_

4 weeks ago#241
I'm reminded of the always sunny episode "Charlie wants an abortion" where Mac demonstrates exactly that kind of hypocrisy.

It's just not funny when it's real though. It's just toxic.

User Info: KainFourteh

4 weeks ago#242
Fenrir-Juubi posted...
Murder should never be legal.

We made too far many concessions even now. It should have been a male catholic. And thank god catholics aren't bound to the Pope like slaves. Imagine Barrett acting like the doormat Francis is.
Keep your ignorant nonsense to yourself @Fenrir-Juubi

User Info: Avirosb

4 weeks ago#243
Who needs morals when you have faith.
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User Info: Hyena 20

Hyena 20
4 weeks ago#244
WTGHookshot posted...
Assuming you believe that religion is created by humans (instead of handed to people via some deity(ies)), then wouldn't it make more sense to state that HUMANS are the disease? After all, based on that belief, humans created religion, so it was all on them for doing it in the first place.

Actually, religion was created by man to explain the phenomena in his world without any scientific understanding of thermodynamics or microbiology.

For example, up until the miasma and toxemia theories of disease, humans believed that smallpox was caused by a windstorm created by the/a devil's breath for close to 3000 years (this myth actually originates from like Sumeria or Mesopotamia or something one of those similar civilizations, where they believed that the sun god as well as storm gods and demons caused famines and plagues.)
How do you think stone-age humans would have explained things like disease, lightning, tornadoes, or febrile delirium?
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User Info: Avirosb

4 weeks ago#245
Some religions were invented just to make those unruly children stay away from that @#ยค% forest.
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User Info: Kradek

4 weeks ago#246
BanjoBoomer posted...
It's not that they believe in "correction", but rather that their brains only think about their beliefs on a macro level rather than on an individual or personal level. Lots of conservatives will vote anti-abortion but then suddenly have a change of heart if their daughter or grandaughter gets knocked up. Same way they'll often make an exception in their attitude toward gay people if they find out their son or daughter is gay.

Hmm, really I think it's more due to their "f*** you unless it actually affects me mentality".

There was a guy in 2016 who literally quit his job so he could follow around the Trump campaign and perform songs praising him.

Yet when Trump had that abortion of an attempt called "healthcare" he became disillusioned by one of Trump's "plans" that would drastically reduce funding for rehab and mental health services. The guy's son had died of an overdose so he felt slighted because Trump was promising to cut something that might have helped his son.

But f*** everyone else's son before that, right?

That's how conservatives operate. On the absolutely most selfish, self-centered, and "f*** you I got mine" mentality until it actually affects people they care about.

And sometimes not even then.

Corona is an example of that, we do have some idiots claiming their loved ones who died from COVID didn't actually die from COVID because it would be embarrassing to their dead anti-COVID loved one's legacy.
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User Info: MrDude1

4 weeks ago#247
WTGHookshot posted...
What you just described, however, is why humans would be considered a disease, regardless of the individual being a theist or not. Ignorance, laziness, gullibility, and fear are emotions that occur in humans naturally, even without religion.
Only some humans are considered a disease.

Trump himself is practically a virus.
His bulls*** has infected many millions more people than the Coronavirus.
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User Info: DarthSloth5555

4 weeks ago#248
MrDude1 posted...
Trump himself is practically a virus.
His bulls*** has infected many millions more people than the Coronavirus.

It wasn't trump. He sucks (understatement of the year) but he isn't the cause of this. Trump supporters would have latched on to the first populist figurehead echoing their fear and hatred. It's a feedback loop and trump is but one component.

User Info: Starks

4 weeks ago#249
I find it hilarious that Trump has to literally say "suburban women" when begging for their vote. Yet he wants to call them housewives regardless.
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User Info: Toonstrack

4 weeks ago#250
SaikyoStyle posted...
Just what this country needs. More far-right incels.

Id rather them incels then raising future children any day.
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