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  3. What are Trump supporters like irl?

User Info: IMadepooh4U

1 month ago#21
ChaoticNeutral posted...
Mostly normal people with toxic levels of ignorance.

I work and live in a Trumpet Red Hat state. I work right next to a huge Trump guy. He's a nice person and a hard worker, but his level of ignorance is absolutely astounding. I see this a lot with people in his age group (Mid fifties)

You know, when I am seeking life advice, I usually ask an 18-year-old.
Socialism is the ideological murder of meritocracy.
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User Info: Superdude6090

1 month ago#22
IMadepooh4U posted...
You know, when I am seeking life advice, I usually ask an 18-year-old.

We don't want to know what you've been asking 18 year olds Comrade.

User Info: Phantom_Nook

1 month ago#23
Well, a few weeks ago, my dad barged into my room at like 9:30 at night, demanding to know why I wasn't watching the current Trump safe space. When I said because Trump is lame, he screamed that I'm a 'f***ing idiot' multiple times.

And that's just one person in my family.
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User Info: ChaoticNeutral

1 month ago#24
IMadepooh4U posted...
You know, when I am seeking life advice, I usually ask an 18-year-old.
I'm 36.

But ok.

GT: AncientToaster

User Info: MechanicalWall

1 month ago#25
Most of the ones I've met are gruff middle aged white men who yuck it up with their fellow middle aged white men but get weirdly quiet when I enter the room. I'm sure the fact that I'm arab has nothing to do with that... I have good enough sense to not whisper a word about politics when around them, I usually just kinda exchange pleasantries and really play up my vocabulary so that i get mentally sorted into the 'one of the good ones' folder in their brains.
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User Info: mercurydude

1 month ago#26
wolverinerob79 posted...
Trump only cares about Trump. But when Trump tries to improve the country for Trump, it ends up benefiting most Americans. The contrast is the DNC that claims to be bleeding hearts for everyone (sure, they care about us, lol), yet really hates the non-political class and is only really interested in money and control and whose policies end up hurting most folks in the long term.

Every word in that post is bulls*** past the first sentence, aside from the bolded, which also describes Trump and is therefore projection.
These children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. They're quite aware of what they're going through. - Bowie

User Info: Prototypic

1 month ago#27
With a few notable exceptions fitting into the "angry, basement-dwelling, marginally-employed" sort of stereotype, the Trump supporters I know are largely just normal people...until the subject of politics comes up, or they start posting on social media.
Thus I became a madman.

User Info: AP3Brain

1 month ago#28
Think of how tribal and stupid some people get over sports. They are exactly like that but with political parties. They live vicariously through Trump and his administration.

My brother literally cannot go 10 minutes without mentioning something about Trump or "crazy liberals".

User Info: emagdnE

1 month ago#29
I saw an old man with a MAGA cap and a Fox News pin attached to it once.

I've never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy... All right, give me the bomb. -Ultra Magnus

User Info: EvenSpoonier

1 month ago#30
infamous5445 posted...
I'm curious, I've never met these kind of specimen.
They're not that hard to find. Why don't you go talk to one?
"Playing a game for its graphics is like watching pornography for the story." - Kadiroth
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