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User Info: LoyalToTheGame

2 days ago#1
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Yamiche Alcindor @Yamiche
Confirmed: Senator Kamala Harris is dropping out of the presidential race. An aide tells me she informed staff today that she is suspending her campaign. A video will be posted soon.

User Info: Everyonedies

2 days ago#2
Oh man, no more Maya Rudolph on SNL?

User Info: LuigisBro

2 days ago#3
good, now someone needs to primary her
Bernie or bust
Hillary jumps in

User Info: aarrgus

2 days ago#4

She picked a time and didn't drag it out. Circumstances may have forced it, but at least she didn't waste more time and money on something that wasn't gonna happen.
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User Info: TheFuzz3451

2 days ago#5
Damn beat me to the punch

Wish you had picked a better headline since this is big news. Her campaign had completely cratered so this is for the best

Man what a disappointment from an expected frontrunner
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User Info: Clutch

2 days ago#6
"The historian looks backward; eventually he also believes backward" - F.N.

User Info: Infost

2 days ago#7
Lame. She was qualified for the next debate, and we needed a Harris come back.
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User Info: Scorpion122178

2 days ago#8
At least she gave a good guy punch to Biden in the first debate.
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User Info: Infost

2 days ago#9
Hopefully Warren picks up most of the Harris voters. I'm worried they may drift to Biden.
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User Info: andel

2 days ago#10
good. she has been irrelevant for months and ran a terrible campaign
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