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  3. Attn: Trump Supporters. Please rate this portrait of Trump.

User Info: fftstudent

1 month ago#1
Nothing of Great value & Worth was ever gained without some form of chance taking or risk.

User Info: Heineken14

1 month ago#2
Not orange enough.
Rage is a hell of an anesthetic.

User Info: Sczoyd

1 month ago#3
It's a damn shame someone with so much talent is wasting his skill drawing s***.
"No merkins? Fie on thee." - zhukov1943

User Info: benjjjamin

1 month ago#4
I don't understand dot art. People confuse inefficiency and compulsive repetition for statement and creativity. Just because it takes a long time doesn't mean it speaks anything important. This kind of art strikes me as gimmicky when the artist can't compete with their peers, so they resort to things no one else bothers with for a reason.
Schiff: We're better than that
Morgan Freeman: But they were not better than that. That night saw 4 new articles of impeachment and Jim Jordan fought a raccoon

User Info: Devilanse333

1 month ago#5
Guy does a fantastic job of making Trump look even worse.
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User Info: PreacherBeelze

1 month ago#6
Funny enough, ball point pen drawings don’t survive sunlight very well.

If you hang that on your wall, it’s going to erase itself as the ink can’t stand sunlight and is notoriously unstable for artwork.

place it in a dark closet and it will retain it won’t fade away...

something fitting about that with a portrait of trump...
I'm a painter,

User Info: Bigpoppapump1

1 month ago#7
I thought it was a white walker at first from Game of Thrones.
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  3. Attn: Trump Supporters. Please rate this portrait of Trump.
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