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User Info: Ghost_MW_3

1 month ago#1
It seems like the beginning of next year will be unnerving for some. Since the early of this month, North Korea almost every day has threatened retaliation over the US-South Korea joint exercises(in which is now postponed by Trump), fired two missiles over the sea of Japan, refuses dialogue with South Korea, fires artillery at an island closer to South Korea, and now rejects any future summits between Trump and Kim, all of these because of sanctions, and drills!

And now there are concerns that Kim will be making a New Year's Day announcement saying that they'll be going back to nuke and missile testing because the US didn't get rid of sanctions and permanently stop all joint drills. And there's also evidence that he is working on a new submarine and once that it is formally revealed with Kim posing through their news media, then the North will start test launching missiles from them. That will sure freak out the US, South Korea, Japan and the UN and Trump will finally realize that it is no longer worth talking to them for a deal to get rid of their nukes.

Just like Trump removed the US from the Iran deal, making the situation dangerous with the Iranians going back to uranium enrichment, seizing tankers and attacking a Saudi oil plant, we may be living through the daily threat of missile and nuke testing, and soon they might test a missile loaded with a nuke over the Pacific Ocean creating a mushroom cloud. Just over the sanctions and joint exercises. So, I guess the reality is that the North Korea foreign policy has failed.

User Info: Ranzoh

1 month ago#2
Okay CoD fan.

User Info: Ghost_MW_3

1 month ago#3
Oh, and don't forget they tested a submarine missile last month. That freaked out Japan.

They should've removed the sanctions and stop all drills, then this crap wouldn't ever happen.

User Info: Anarchy_Juiblex

1 month ago#4
Ghost_MW_3 posted...
They should've removed the sanctions and stop all drills, then this crap wouldn't ever happen.

f*** off with the appeasement.

User Info: HentaiMan

1 month ago#5
Ranzoh posted...
Okay CoD fan.
Ghost isn't even in MW3. he was dead before that! >_<
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North Korea is nothing without China to hide behind and South Korea to threaten.
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User Info: drclaeys

1 month ago#7

I thought they thought about bombing them back in the 80's. But said nope. that would be a dick move.

They said they are decades away from nukes. Well 30 or 40 years later, little pricks turn into even bigger pricks.

I guess we were pricks to them in the Korean war, and that made them hate us.

maybe we need to get South into a Nato agreement, then an attack, would bring us full hammer on them. Of course, they would sign the same thing with China, but my guess is they would not go full in, and we could be quick enough to finish it. Of course the USA would look like major pricks.

I have no idea what the right move is.. Ignore them????
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User Info: Starks

1 month ago#8
I don't think the next president can do any better dialogue-wise with Kim.

They want exercises to end and for us to leave the DMZ.
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User Info: Jolteon

1 month ago#9
I don't know if I've ever seen the TC post about anything other than North Korea and gas prices.
Is this finally a conundrum that CAN'T be solved by helicopter theft?

User Info: Humble_Novice

1 month ago#10
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