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  3. I'm voting for Donald Trump

User Info: EzeDoesIt

2 weeks ago#21
mario2000 posted...
Saxon = joke account

Heineken14 posted...
Saxon = joke voter.

"Beef is when I quote you, guaranteed to break the TOU."
-The Notorious Shablagoo

User Info: EthanSilver

2 weeks ago#22
Troll voting for Trump... so shocking I'ma need a paralyze heal.

User Info: Lillymon

2 weeks ago#23
Saxon posted...
Biden is 77 years old, but putting that aside... he will have been in Washington for 50 years by the time January 2021 rolls around in what he hopes is his swearing in ceremony as the next president of the United States..

Do you really not see a problem with this?

I did, but then I saw what the alternative was and decided I could live with it. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.
"Bothering people when they're shopping or going to work or whatever because you find them attractive makes you scum of the earth."

User Info: Kim Kusanagi

Kim Kusanagi
2 weeks ago#24
Saxon posted...
We can't expect a 20th century career politician to solve 21st century problems.

So let's vote for a 73 years old orange turd?
Live to train. Train to fight. Fight to live.
Take me away, I don't mind, but you better promise I'll be back in time!

User Info: doutforharambe

2 weeks ago#25
Congrats on playing yourself.

User Info: guerrillakidney

2 weeks ago#26
Ah so to protest not getting the choice you want you will pick the choice that is the least like your preference. You werent gonna vote trump until they made you!

User Info: pnut027

2 weeks ago#27
I'm also voting for Trump

To go to jail
Totally not clee027's alt.

User Info: SunburnCostanza

2 weeks ago#28
Ugh I asked for light mayo and they gave me mustard.

*walks over to the toilet and eats s*** instead*

User Info: PreacherBeelze

2 weeks ago#29
Sounds like you’d probably vote trump any which way... in all honesty.

I'm a painter,

User Info: ClayGuida

2 weeks ago#30
Trump supporters vote for Trump. There is no middle ground here. You were always voting Trump because you support Trump putting kids in caging children, bribing and extorting foreign leaders for political information on opponents and so forth.
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