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User Info: Saxon

3 weeks ago#1
I went back and forth over this tough decision, but if the Democrats decide to play it safe and nominate Biden, I will protest by voting for Trump.

Why you ask? The party didn't take a calculated risk like they usually do in order to win such as the case with Obama in '08, Clinton in '92, Carter in '76, JFK in '60, etc..

Without a risk, there can be no reward such as the case with Hillary in '16, Kerry in '04, Gore in '00, Dukakis in '88, Mondale in '84, etc.

Sorry, that's the way it goes.

User Info: feudel

3 weeks ago#2
That’s neat you’re voting against your own self interests

User Info: LearntoRead

3 weeks ago#3
...of course you are. No one expected otherwise.

Reading comprehension is important!

User Info: Kim Kusanagi

Kim Kusanagi
3 weeks ago#4
We knew, trumpanzee
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User Info: Heineken14

3 weeks ago#6
Saxon = joke voter.
Rage is a hell of an anesthetic.

User Info: Bluebomber182

3 weeks ago#7
Those chair shots did a number on you Stevie
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3 weeks ago#8
I couldn't get the sandwich I wanted so I ate cyanide
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User Info: Bullet_Wing

3 weeks ago#9
A Trump follower is voting Trump.

Both Tmaster148 and Bullet_Wing are also great posters - SomeLikeItHoth

User Info: Saxon

3 weeks ago#10
Anybody else gets the nomination, I'll vote Democrat.

And yes, I will hold my nose and even vote Bloomberg if I have to should he emerge as the nominee.
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