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  3. 100+ Bombings in 2019 as Sweden struggles to deal with immigrant gang violence

User Info: SaikyoStyle

4 weeks ago#101
Most of them have never been to Europe and can’t locate it on a labeled map.
Taxes, death, and trouble.
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User Info: Peter_19

4 weeks ago#102
Jaded_Dragon posted...
Overall it sounds as if Sweden let in a bunch of immigrants and either A) Felt their infrastructure was sufficient enough to support it, or B) Have been slow to respond to the increased population needs. After reading both articles and following up with a bit of additional research, it sounds like it's more B than A. They don't have enough police to respond to incidents and they don't have enough resources allocated to immediately resolve the issue.

It also appears that a plan has been drafted to address the problems, so we'll have to see how that goes.

All of that being said, I get the overall point of this thread is to say "Look see, immigrants are bad and violent." And then follow it up with the usual alt right talking points of "Preserving Culture" and "Integration", or in the case of one poster that I don't care to go back and pull a direct quote from "People naturally segregate anyway", which is a nice dog whistle for wanting ethnostates.

Nobody is saying Islamic Extremist don't kill people, or that Sharia Law isn't antiquated nonsense. Where I have a problem is people immediately assuming that all Muslims are violent and all want to live under Sharia Law. This would be akin to me assuming that every follower of Catholicism is a child molester because several hundred priest have been outed as diddlers.

tl/dr: Sweden has a problem, the problem was caused by not having the infrastructure to support the mass immigration that they did. It's fixable. Despite the scary headlines, these acts haven't led to deaths, which is good, but it's an issue non-the-less. It's less to do with scary brown people coming into a nice predominantly white country and more to do with being allowed to come in with no plan in place on how to deal with the economical restraints of entering a country with nothing. People don't generally wake up one day and decide they feel like being a criminal for a living. It normally happens over a period of time due to social and economic strain. Again, this is fixable with a plan to help immigrants acclimate.

It's precisely the inability to take care of these numbers of people all at once that is my main issue with the Swedish immigration.
It's also what the Sweden Democrats' party leader Jimmie Åkesson has talked about over and over for several decades, and this has just recently started to get taken seriously by other Swedish politicians, instead of just being dismissed as "racism".
Even our prime minister Stefan Löfvén, who despises Jimmie Åkesson (since the Sweden Democrats have had a past history as a nazi party), has started to look uncomfortable when he is confronted by Jimmie Åkesson's comments regarding the immigration problems.

The Sweden Democrats may have been founded by nazis, however this doesn't necessarily mean that they are a nazi party today.
And Jimmie Åkesson does get a lot of support from more and more Swedish people, because a lot of things that he says make perfect sense, and I have never heard him express any actual racist comments during his debates - he has always talked about how we cannot take care of an unlimited number of immigrants all at once, and that we should make sure to integrate immigrants into society so that they have something to do - and that's true!
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User Info: IMadepooh4U

4 weeks ago#103
loafy013 posted...
Chielz0r posted...
Peter_19 posted...
'a bit more serious'

Disgusting downplay of the event.
5 deaths, including a little girl.
14 serious wounded. That means people being mutilated for life, since that is what being run over by a truck does to you.

Thoughts and prayers should be enough to stop this though, right?

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User Info: Hulkasaurusrex

4 weeks ago#104
FeatherrineAuAu posted...
kinda weird for chuds to be whinging about muh european identity when we have chuds saying that brexit is based and that the eu is cancer and that merkle is literally hitler

like what

oh yea remember to go vote your local authoritarian nazi freak in your next election.

Like warren the indian princess of politics.

User Info: Red XlV

Red XlV
3 weeks ago#105
Peter_19 posted...
The Sweden Democrats may have been founded by nazis, however this doesn't necessarily mean that they are a nazi party today.

No, but merely trying to hide their continued Nazi-like ideology in order to expand their electoral reach doesn't mean they've actually abandoned that ideology.
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