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  3. Ellen sits next to former president Bush during a football game.

User Info: DarxWingDuck

1 week ago#1
Libs took it so well!

Of course they didn't. They got triggered because that's what they do.

Vanity Fair publishes an article heavily criticizing Ellen for being cordial with the former president.
(Find it on their trending articles. I would post a direct link but the url was too long for gfaqs.)

Ellen responds by saying she sat next to him because they are friends.

Good job by Ellen and Bush.
Bad job by snowflakes.

User Info: Atombender

1 week ago#2
"My friend is a war criminal."
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User Info: Torgo

1 week ago#4
What district is Ellen a congresswoman from?

What office is she running for again?

I don't like it that she casually sits next to a war criminal and an actual enemy of LGBT people, but I don't have to vote for Ellen, and no one else does.

I'm glad that she was instrumental in helping LGBT people receive better treatment in our society, but I don't watch her show, I'm not the target audience.
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User Info: BobEvansLegend

1 week ago#5
How dare she act like an adult! Hiss!
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User Info: KittyBillionair

1 week ago#6
BobEvansLegend posted...
How dare she act like an adult! Hiss!
Bush didn’t because he acted like a war criminal and deserves to rot in prison.
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User Info: Atombender

1 week ago#7
Ellen DeGeneres previously said that she wouldn't allow President Donald Trump on her show.

So much for being "nice to everyone". She has no principles and is a hypocrite.
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User Info: Jimayo

1 week ago#8
261 - More troll food than any other board on the net.
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User Info: Junthor

1 week ago#9
Lol liberals.
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User Info: CommonGrackle

1 week ago#10
Ellen has a reputation for being a nice person herself, so provided that Bush was also personally nice to her, I can't imagine why she would reject that. why should she? what standard of the progressives does she have to feel the need live up to?
just a few years ago this would have been a non story, but it's 2019: it's all hands on deck or you're a failure to the cause...
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  3. Ellen sits next to former president Bush during a football game.
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