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  3. What are the chances of a Biden/Sanders or Biden/Warren ticket happening?

User Info: Trigg3rH4ppy

1 month ago#1
Curious about this. I think it would be a good way to consolidate the democratic vote and keep people from protest voting / not showing up at all
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User Info: Dynedux

1 month ago#2
Biden/Warren maybe but I highly doubt Biden/Bernie
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User Info: aarrgus

1 month ago#3
Biden/Sanders? 0%. Sanders is too arrogant to take a VP slot. His way or the highway isn't made for the VP slot.

Biden/Warren? 25%. An odds on favorite (should Biden win the primary), but hardly a guarantee. A so called "establishment" choice from the field would still be a likely pick.
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User Info: videospirit

1 month ago#4
I don't think Sanders would reject a VP slot if Biden offered, but why would he offer?

User Info: spiralofnine

1 month ago#5
Biden/Sanders: 0%
Biden/Warren - likely if Biden wins.
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User Info: TheFuzz3451

1 month ago#6
Neither is happening
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User Info: Starks

1 month ago#7
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User Info: Hydrolord

1 month ago#8
I think Biden and Sanders have both said they won't choose another white man as VP. And I also think Sanders would have a hard time pretending he agrees with Biden's decisions. Warren is a possibility, but I'm not expecting it. It's not actually that common for presidential nominees to choose another candidate who got far in the race as their VP.

User Info: Nitro378

1 month ago#9
Dynedux posted...
Biden/Warren maybe but I highly doubt Biden/Bernie
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User Info: froghunter75

1 month ago#10
Yeah, Biden/Sanders wouldn't happen. I don't think Sanders would accept nor do I think Biden would offer it. Maybe Warren but I think he'd probably go with someone a bit younger and probably be woman and/or a person of color. Harris would probably be an ideal choice for him, I think politically it'd be good way to heal the divide there is between Harris and Biden and bring their supporters together. I don't think choosing based on sex or color is really the right thing to do but I think that's probably the way Biden and his team thinks.

I think Harris is ambitious enough to accept it and she's still young enough that if she wanted to she could run again as a former VP.
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  3. What are the chances of a Biden/Sanders or Biden/Warren ticket happening?
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