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  3. WSJ: People calling Trump a racist is the new birtherism

User Info: Awesomeo_4000

1 week ago#1

Here we are again, only it’s much worse this time. You want to fulminate against Donald Trump for his cruel tweets and childish behavior or his madcap non-policies on trade and North Korea. But then the president’s meanest adversaries on the left will level a charge so dishonorable, so wantonly unfair, that you feel almost bound to defend him.

The most common of these charges is that Mr. Trump is a racist.

If you’ve ever had a conversation with a conspiracy theorist, you know this is what it’s like. Evidence that the theorist’s claim is unproven or false becomes evidence that it’s true. Countervailing logic only reinforces his certainty.

How strange, then, that many of Mr. Trump’s angriest detractors have begun to sound like adherents of the conspiracy theory he helped to propagate: birtherism.

Credit birthers with this much: Article II, section 1 of the U.S. Constitution does require that the president be a natural born citizen. There is no provision in the Constitution barring “racists,” real or alleged, from serving in any office. One of these theories is adopted mainly by Joe Blows who’ve spent too much time online, the other by educated metropolitans and media elites. I’m not sure which is crazier.
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User Info: Forty_Niners

1 week ago#2
Except we've seen Trump's racist transcripts. He's a racist. Obama was born here.
Who cares if Bosa is racist?

User Info: StrykeBlayde

1 week ago#3
Birtherism was a pretty racist thing. I wonder who kept pushing that.

User Info: SaikyoStyle

1 week ago#4
Yeah, it’s not that... like, at all...
I'm warning you with peace and love.
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User Info: mario2000

1 week ago#5
rightists still clinging to that "calling out racism is racism" rhetoric i see
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But his detractors make a point about him I disagree with so lets focus on how s*** they are"
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User Info: Unknown5uspect

1 week ago#7
Wow. What a s*** take.

User Info: gogues

1 week ago#8
I guess his reasons for telling four congresswomen of color, three of whom were born in the US, to go back to their home countries, was motivated by something other than racism?

User Info: EPR-radar

1 week ago#9
Naturally the Wall Street Journal is holstering for this racist president and for his Republican followers.

User Info: TundraKing87

1 week ago#10
Donny: "My predecessor is a foreign born Islamic terrorist who founded ISIS and hates white people, Christianity and America. Believe me."

...You're a bigot

WSJ chud: "Wow! Pretty sad that a great man can't call his predecessor a white American hating, Christian faith destroying, foreign born Islamic terrorist who founded a murderous terror organization that's slaughtered thousands. So sad."
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