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  3. Do you think trump is the most "blunt" president ever?

User Info: CedarPointcp

1 month ago#1
i mean in terms of saying things the way the are whether people like it or not
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User Info: EPR-radar

1 month ago#2
No. Trump only says what he wants to think is true or what he thinks his audience wants to hear (if he's in a flattering mood). In either case, Trump could not possibly care less whether or not what he says is true.

In fact, he's probably incapable of distinguishing reality from his personal illusions.

User Info: theAteam

1 month ago#3
That's the thing tho

He never says things that are the way they are
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User Info: EPR-radar

1 month ago#4
theAteam posted...
That's the thing tho

He never says things that are the way they are

The only time Trump ever says anything that is true is when what he wants to say coincidentally agrees with reality. This happens very rarely.

User Info: Yoshimo_irl

1 month ago#5
Nah he gets side tracked too much for blunt to be accurate. I think there is an aspect of "getting to the point" to being blunt that I would have to have for me to consider describing someone as blunt. Trumps diversions have diversions. Some of the transcripts of his talking are insane looking.

Otherwise I'd say he is quite blunt in that aspect you describe, except I think his ego mostly lets him say things as he thinks they are, but he is not a great arbiter of "the way they are" in reality. He is completely unreliable when it comes to his own successes and failures in particular.
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User Info: DragulaRULEZ

1 month ago#6
Trump: "What you're seeing is not what's happening".
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User Info: RyanBraun8

1 month ago#7
All just a bunch of corporate bulls***speak but with zero education.
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User Info: battourye

1 month ago#8
He's actually the most self-correcting president I ever saw. Say what you will about Bush and Reagan, they didn't issue a correction on their tweet the minute someone argued against him.
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User Info: The_Undying_84

1 month ago#9
He doesn't say things the way they are. He does say whatever the hell idiotic thing he wants to say with no filter, and I suppose he might even believe a lot of the nonsense he says, but he's sure as hell not speaking objective truth ever.

User Info: TheWorId

1 month ago#10
He's certainly blunt in the head.
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