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  3. AOC follows Trump's footsteps,Rep blocking people on twitter is unconstitutional

User Info: hak145

4 weeks ago#71
EnrichUrCulture posted...
Where are the liberals doing equal opportunity criticism on AOC after they criticized Trump for the same thing?

This is completely different. She's not the president. And if the people she's blocking are pestering and harassing her then it's perfectly acceptable. Trump can't do it because he does it for petty reasons.
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User Info: Triad

4 weeks ago#72
MegatokyoEd posted...
no one cares
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User Info: RyanBraun8

4 weeks ago#73
Nothing wrong with blocking s***ty, fake news, propaganda outlets. 👏👏
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User Info: Permodius

4 weeks ago#74
Consistency is key.

I don't care who Trump or AOC blocks on Twitter, as long as it does not violate the First Amendment.
With that being said, I hope that the same republicans who are condemning AOC for this potential First Amendment violation have also condemned Trump for the same.
I also hope that the same Democrats which have been against Trump blocking Twitter users due to it being a potential First Amendment violation, have also evaluated whether the same applies to AOC or not.

One thing to note is that that there might be differences in the two scenarios due to the difference in position between President Trump, and U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Given the blatant, shameless and unwavering hypocrisy of the GOP, I am willing to bet that they are not fairly applying the same standard to both President Trump and U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Anecdotally, I have not witnessed the same level of hypocrisy from Democrats.

Perhaps a study is in order from a neutral 3rd party?

User Info: Covenant

4 weeks ago#75
Jaded_Dragon posted...
Sorry. You don't get to not hold Trump accountable for 3 years and then claim "Durrrr hypcrit libz!!!!1!!"

Yes, actually, they do. The charge of hypocrisy does not require the accuser to claim to hold the belief in question. It requires the accused to claim to hold the belief in question, which they then violate through their actions.

Do you have anything to contribute aside from ad hominem?


4 weeks ago#76
Is Twitter her official source of communication?
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User Info: Lord_Shadow_19

4 weeks ago#77
JOExHIGASHI posted...
Is Twitter her official source of communication?

Seems to be, she uses it in much the same way Trump does, is obviously a verified user, and her Twitter bio states her profession as being a Congress woman.
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