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  3. British Trump Supporter Arrested for Knifing Baby Trump Balloon

User Info: Kradek

1 month ago#51
Humble_Novice posted...
Here's a little tidbit about this woman from one poster:

“Based Amy” also made headlines in 2007 when she reportedly cost rescue services more than 1 million pounds by staging at least 50 “cries for help” and throwing herself in the sea around Britain’s coast, BBC News reported. Mura was reportedly banned from being within 50 meters from the sea surrounding the British coast.

Ok, if you're straight-up banned from being even near the sea then there's probably something severely wrong with you.
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User Info: Andokai

1 month ago#52
Awesomeo_4000 posted...
Andokai posted...
destroying a balloon = bad.

assaulting someone over different opinions = good.

i think that basically sums things up right about now.

Nazi is not an “opinion”.

every opinion i don't like is nazism - you 2019.

User Info: Notti

1 month ago#53
HentaiMan posted...
Larni69 posted...
nocturnal traveler posted...
Question. Why are there British Trump supporters?

Every country has it’s mental health issues.

The kool aid flows everywhere.

But if you drink TOO much. This happens

Loonybin calling!

User Info: Hyena 20

Hyena 20
1 month ago#54
Wing_Phoenix posted...
Popping balloons is a crime in England now? And it will cost more money to arrest her then any reasonable fine would be. Wouldn't this be more logically dealt with in small claims court rather then criminal court?

It's a crime in the same way that it's a crime to go to a Teabagger protest and start kicking over their signs and banners and s***. Which is also a crime here in the US (you'll get charged with "disturbing the peace", and possibly assault depending on the circumstances. Reminder that assault is not the same thing as battery)
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