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  3. China says they never agreed to Trump's deal

User Info: ResidentECVX

4 weeks ago#1

So either they’re lying or Trump’s lying.
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User Info: feudel

4 weeks ago#2
Trumps lying.

User Info: onemoment1985

4 weeks ago#3
Huh. It was probably China. Yep. I'll bet China would be more likely to lie then Trump. Trump never lies.

User Info: TundraKing87

4 weeks ago#4
Trump: "Just got off the phone with Xi. Loves me. He was smiling. It was incredible. Said my deal was the best he had ever seen. Tremendous. What a deal. Brilliant he said. He said it. Then Xi gave the phone to Yao Ming, he said he wished I played ball for him. Said I had the best shot he ever saw. Wow. What a compliment. Yao was one of the best. Can you believe it?"

...sir, that was Elaine Chao and you two were discussing upcoming budget cuts.

"...Mulan was there. Said she wished I could make a man out of her. Not sure what that means, but wow. What a great lady. Tough. So tough."

User Info: Bluebomber182

4 weeks ago#5
goddammit tundra i just spit coffee all over my desk
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User Info: art_of_the_kill

4 weeks ago#6
feudel posted...
Trumps lying.

I mean, is this even a question?
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User Info: Sariana21

4 weeks ago#7
Bluebomber182 posted...
goddammit tundra i just spit coffee all over my desk

I love Tundra's "tweet" posts.

Sadly, it's hard to tell them from the real ones.
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User Info: gogues

4 weeks ago#8
If you’re in a scenario where either Trump or another person has to be lying, it’s Trump.

I’d have a harder time finding when he’s told the truth.

User Info: BewmHedshot

4 weeks ago#9
Look we're going to win with Jyna and it's going to be great, the greatest deal. You'll see, only I can deal with Jyna.
Cavaliers: ONCE

User Info: Humble_Novice

4 weeks ago#10
Was there a written agreement involved? If not, then Trump's claims can't be taken at face value.
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