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  3. After ending a woman's autonomy, what is the next goal of the radical right?

User Info: Torgo

1 month ago#61
mad_hax_man posted...
Torgo posted...
Metal Gear Raxis posted...
I mean the GOP would LIKE to do these things, but the Baby Boomers will all be dead before they can get that far, then we can just quietly start reversing everything while wondering to ourselves how we ever let things go that far.

I love your optimism, but I don't share it.

- Did you see footage from "unite the right"? - those weren't 70 year olds chanting "the Jews will not replace us".

- Do you think Fox News goes away? They replaced Boomer O'Reilly with GenX Tucker, and eventually they will replace him with a millenial or Z

- The children of the Koch brothers, Mercers, Adelsons, Cheneys, Bush's, Walton family etc...will have even more unregulated cash to use to fund propaganda, and buy politicians or seats.

- Do you think they will no longer funnel money to Shapiro, Rubin, McGinnes, and other new media/online personalities?

The other big problem is that the GOP's attack on democracy. Even if future generations become more progressive, the GOP has been finding ways to make sure that their thought process is able to remain powerful even as it represents a smaller part of the population. Things like attacks on the voting rights of minorities, the flooding of life long positions on the Judicial branch, including the Supreme Court, lack of regulation on campaign finance laws, the fight against statehood for DC and PR, blatant obstructionist positions against Democratic presidents, continued support for the private prison complex, the spreading of conspiracy theories regarding illegals voting, sabotaging political positions after losing said positions to democrats etc etc.

Its not enough to wait after the boomers die off before trying to reverse the stench of the GOP - The GoP's long term project will continue to work decades into the future even after the likes of McConnell's contract with the devil is up and he is dragged back to wherever spawned him. Waiting for the GOP to collapse is in part of the reason we got Trump

You are correct, and this is the stuff you don't hear much about in mainstream, lazy, corporate media because it's not in their interest to give people news as it relates to the rot in our system...they want to host three republicans with no expertise outside of writing talking points to scream lies at one actual expert or quasi-liberal and then say "both sides, both sides what can ya' do?"...

Republicans deep into their own media know it though...and they vote in every election at a polling place with short lines and no anomalies.
"WikiLeaks, I love WikiLeaks." - Donald Trump 2016
"I know nothing about WikiLeaks. It's not my thing..." - Donald Trump 2019

User Info: Notti

4 weeks ago#62
The big thing is homeschooling IMO. (and other schooling that isn't public)

That way they can produce the most robotic parroting children possible.

User Info: AP3Brain

4 weeks ago#63
feudel posted...
So the christian state ala ISIS

If they had it their way and took over I really don't think they would be much different. And to be clear I mean the far right evangelicals. There are plenty of normal christian folk that don't force their beliefs on others.
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  3. After ending a woman's autonomy, what is the next goal of the radical right?
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