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  3. Are there any centrist republican politicians left in America?

User Info: The Sock

The Sock
1 month ago#1
A republican politician who isn't a crazy right-wing fundamentalist nutjob?
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User Info: Rasmoh

1 month ago#2
What would make someone a centrist Republican to you?
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User Info: -Kicksave-

1 month ago#3

“No, not Romney. Reek! Reeeeek!”

Never mind
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User Info: SBBrealquick

1 month ago#4
Hillary Clinton

User Info: Dienekes

1 month ago#5
Biden, Beto, Buttigieg and Harris fit the bill
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User Info: KendoRe2

1 month ago#6
Nope. If you disagree with someone, you hate them. Learned it right here.

User Info: bIuerain

1 month ago#7
go team venture!

User Info: ozzyman314

1 month ago#8
Charlie Baker.
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User Info: Nix

1 month ago#9
No. The Republicans kicked out all their centrists along with their moderates.

Those who remained became alt-right or alt-lite.

This is why the GOP hold few major cities.
All for profit and profit for all.
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User Info: Newhopes

1 month ago#10
HAHA you people are getting more delusional by the day, do you want to know which party has the crazies.

Little hint it's not the republicans, and another hint you will not win another election if you don't bring your far left crazies to heel.
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  3. Are there any centrist republican politicians left in America?
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