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  3. 21 y/o Kid is ARRESTED for HARASSING his Beautiful Co-Worker cause shes JEWISH!.

User Info: mrduckbear

4 weeks ago#1
Is there someone harassing you on a daily basis? - Results (15 votes)
40% (6 votes)
60% (9 votes)
This poll is now closed.
21 y/o New York Jealous Jerk, William Sullivan was arrested for continuing to harass his Jewish Co-worker at their health food store where they worked together after telling her she was "in the gas chamber now" while she was in the cooler and then turned OFF the LIGHTS!!

He was charged with one misdemeanor count of aggravated harassment as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said it's the latest in a rising number of anti-semitic episodes

He joined Superintendent Keith Corlett at a special conference announcing of the arrest

It happened at Mother Earth's Storehouse where a female Jewish employee who was in the produce cooler with another co-worker when Sullivan appeared in the doorway and shut off the lights and told her "you're in the gas chamber now" and then insulted her faith with an expletive

She told her managers about it who later reported it to police...

Sarah Shabanowitz was the girl who was harassed who said that he's been harassing her for months since they started working together and would always call her out on her religion

Kevin Schneider, who owned the store said Will was fired and that Sarah had quit. The 40 y/o posted a statement on FB apologizing for the "immense upset" to the community and said the situation has been handled and the employee was fired but that Sarah had also quit and promised to immediately take action when they are alerted

William is scheduled to appear in court as it's unclear if he hired a lawyer

Sarah said she was horrified by the incident but she also blasted the store and said "The way Mother Earth treated me was wrong. Not just Will, but management and the ownership. No one did anything to make feel safe. No one took this seriously. Instead, management ordered me to keep quiet. I will not be quiet. No one should be subjected to anti-Semitism or racism or sexism at work"

William has no prior history as it was revealed the 2 had worked together for a year

Is there someone harassing you on a daily basis?

Will - Unhinged

Sarah -

Where they worked -
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User Info: Phantom_Nook

4 weeks ago#2
another very fine person, no doubt.
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User Info: DK DeathKnight

DK DeathKnight
4 weeks ago#3
Those boys who tease the girls they actually like... so cute.... /s
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User Info: OldFrenchDragon

4 weeks ago#4
Neckbeards.It's always the neckbeards.
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User Info: Disengaged

4 weeks ago#5
No. I don't get harrassed.

I'm a 240 lb cantankerous dude with heavy eyebrows that always make me look disgruntled.

People like fuzzy nuts in that picture scramble out of the hallway when I go to get coffee.
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User Info: Ulfar

4 weeks ago#6
Phantom_Nook posted...
very fine person
(message deleted)

User Info: Metal Gear Raxis

Metal Gear Raxis
4 weeks ago#8
Jesus Christ, somebody hold him down and shave his beard, it looks atrocious.
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User Info: WhiskeyDisk

4 weeks ago#9
Why are people still trying to look like Fred Durst?
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User Info: DragulaRULEZ

4 weeks ago#10
Disengaged posted...
heavy eyebrows that always make me look disgruntled

I feel your pain. Resting Angry Face.
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  3. 21 y/o Kid is ARRESTED for HARASSING his Beautiful Co-Worker cause shes JEWISH!.
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