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  3. HORRIFIC Video of a 24 y/o White Man PUNCHING a 24 y/o Black Girl is RELEASED!!.

User Info: mrduckbear

4 weeks ago#1
Who do you think was the AGGRESSOR based on the evidence video? - Results (39 votes)
He was
51.28% (20 votes)
She was
48.72% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.
A horrific video of a white former bartender repeatedly punching a black woman and hurled racist abuse at her during a parking lot dispute could now be facing hate crime charges after it was all caught on video!!

24 y/o Bearded Jerkoff, Austin Shuffield from Dallas, Texas was charged with aggravated assault, interference with a 911 call and public intoxication, all misdemeanors following the incident.

He was savagely punching 24 y/o L'Daijohnique Lee as a bystander caught the video which has now gone viral and high profile civil rights attorney Lee Merritt who contacted her and said is working with her to ensure he is held accountable.

He told dailymail "It made my blood boil" and said she is still recovering in the hospital after the brutal attack. He said initial charges weren't enough and will speak to the D.A to ensure all appropriate charges are pursued included felony assault, firearm and hate crime charges..

He said that Austin confronted her for driving the wrong way down a one way street and blocked a parking lot exit with her vehicle while he was trying to leave the lot. When she tried to leave,, she said he blocked her path with his car and then went out to yell at her. That's when the bystander took the video and it shows him pulling a gun from his waste band while arguing with lee and that's when she pulls out her phone to call 911 and he SMACKS it out of her hand and she shoves him and that's when he repeatedly punches her.

She said "I was scared. i was like, you got a g un? The first thing i could think of was call police and that's when he shoved it out of my hand and i pushed him back. That's when he starts punching me and stomps on my phone"

The bystander recording said "You're in big trouble bro. Hey bro, chill bro, that's a female"

He used to work as a bartender High & Tight Barbershop, a combination of a barbership and bar.

The business owner said he has been fired after seeing the video and spoke to police reps on him and do not condone this kind of action"

Lee said he was punching her like she was a man and wouldn't stop as she is now suing him for damages as well.

Who do you think was the AGGRESSOR based on the evidence video?

The shocking video -

Austin - Going Down

L'Daijohnique -
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User Info: Humble_Novice

4 weeks ago#2
Is it the full video? Because people will want to see the whole thing with their own eyes first before making an informed judgement.

User Info: MotaroRIP619

4 weeks ago#3
No he is clearly unhinged. This isn’t even a political issue. f***ed up

User Info: megamanshawn

4 weeks ago#4
Yay a racist lost his job.
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User Info: TundraKing87

4 weeks ago#5
Her name though.

User Info: Dwavenhobble

4 weeks ago#6
What we see from the video:

Some kind of confrontation happening as the person filming tries to start filming it in view

The video dips down so what happens for a few seconds is out of frame.

It comes back up and we see the girl herself seemingly trying to film the guy who proceeds to swat the camera away. Her not having a firm grip on it the phone gets sent flying.

She then tries to hit him.

He realises and after she barely makes contact he hits her back multiple times then kicks her phone away.

Was his reaction disproportionate? Yes

Could it be argued he was the aggressor? Difficult as it depends what happened before the conflict. What was going on or being said. At worst as he hit her phone first not her he could maybe get something for criminal damage.

As she tried to attack him first seemingly then it could be argued his actions were self defence as she had showed an inclination towards violence meaning he needed to remove the possible threat or create a situation where the threat was lessened? Yes

From what we saw of that video it's not possible to truly tell what happened.
More will likely come out such as hopefully evidence of what she recorded and testimony from each party about the confrontation.

As is likely all you could get him for is unlawful damage / destruction of private property.

So yeh dude overreacted like a right douche but being a douche isn't criminal in this case unless there is more to this to come and more info relating to the confrontation.

No matter how much people may wish to play the race and sex card.

User Info: boredofyou

4 weeks ago#7
If she was attempting to contact police while getting her phone out and he swatted the phone from her hands, he's gonna catch charges.

By the way, if there was no other physical contact between the two of them before that, he is the aggressor. She had a right to defend herself, dumb as the idea was as he drew a gun already.

He, armed with a weapon and physically removing her communication to authorities, represents a clear and present threat to her life which she has every right to try and defend herself from.
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User Info: SBBrealquick

4 weeks ago#8
I might get called a sexist for saying this, but that guy is a f***ing piece of s*** and should be hit with a large fine and some jail time, for sure. Even if she hit first (doesn’t look like she did, just lashed out with like a shove after he slapped the phone out of her hands), hitting a woman like that is f***ing outrageous. He easily could have walked away from that, and if she really was attacking him for real (she wasnt) he has a responsibility as a man not to strike her like that. Maybe push her enough to create space and walk away, maybe just take a couple hits like a man, whatever. You don’t deliver f***ing haymakers to a woman. Maybe if she’s got a gun. That’s it.

User Info: SBBrealquick

4 weeks ago#9
Oh wow just saw he had a gun too....yeah, he needs to go to jail. How the f*** do you present lethal force to na unarmed woman, get f***ed.

User Info: d_parker

4 weeks ago#10
Forget the fact that real men don't hurt women, this loser couldn't even knock her down after repeated punches. He's a disgrace to the gender twice over.
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  3. HORRIFIC Video of a 24 y/o White Man PUNCHING a 24 y/o Black Girl is RELEASED!!.
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