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  3. Nancy Pelosi is my f***ing queen!

User Info: Awesomeo_4000

1 month ago#1
I never thought I would say such a thing prior to January, but she has Trump by the balls and I am loving it.

And her clap towards Trump last night. God, that was so beautiful. It’s obvious she knows that s*** is going down soon, otherwise she would not of done that. That clap was her telling Trump “Enjoy this SOTU speech. It will probably be your last.”
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User Info: BlazBBQ

1 month ago#2
“Yay partisan investigations”
Tha anti-myth rhythm rock shocker...

User Info: untrustful

1 month ago#3
She's clapping for me.
I guess my speech got through to her
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User Info: ProbesInRobes

1 month ago#4
Keep dreaming

User Info: aarrgus

1 month ago#5
She clapped at him like he was her dog...
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User Info: Zero280

1 month ago#6
well if you're into older women that's fine... I guess

User Info: crowkillers

1 month ago#7
Reminded me of this..

User Info: Bluebomber182

1 month ago#8
i wanna see pelosi as ssbu dlc just for the clapping animation
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Trump's gonna GET THESE HANDS!!!!

User Info: Heineken14

1 month ago#9
BlazBBQ posted...
“Yay partisan investigations”

Hillary's going down for SURE after this one!
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User Info: Humble_Novice

1 month ago#10
Looks like Pelosi's doing something HRC hasn't done in a while: putting Donald in his place.
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